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Full Version: DS still accepting new members?
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Apologies if this is asked and answered elsewhere.
Or if it's just a spurious rumor.

But have been trying to recruit for a game here, and someone told me that this site is either (A) not taking new members, or (B) it still takes months to get approved?

Is any of this true?

I have dreams of this site regaining its former glory, but if this sort of issue is live...

Neither are true. I personally approve every account, generally within hours of getting a followup email. I fear most people don't read the email that directs them to email us to prove they are a person and not a bot.

That is great news!

Thanks for the quick response!
Here's another thought. If you (or anyone) knows someone trying to get their account activated, just post the username here and we'll activate the account that way as well.
How ironic that the day after this thread was created a dang spammer send an subject line requesting account activation.
Well I'm glad it hasn't messed up the system too much, or I would be having a hard time commenting myself. ^^;

Sadly that suggests someone going through a dedicated effort to cause troubles if it adapted that quickly...
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