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Full Version: 3D Project of mine.
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So I'm a gameart student. We had a to make a workshop for a final project last year. Mine was kind of Shadowrun related, but had to change things per professors request. It was all done by me, rendered in real time in UE4. It's got its problems but I thought i'd share smile.gif


I do want to do a proper real Shadowrun project sometime this summer, if ya'll have any ideas you should let me know smile.gif
Are those shadows dynamically generated by light-sources or did you place them?
Because they look wrong to me. Also, that is not nearly futuristic enough for shadowrun!
There needs to be a little drone, at least something to clean up behind the decker slob.
And Posters on the Walls in colour, not just black and white.
Also, sepia is REALLY not the colour-scheme i'd use for anything shadowrunny.
Needs way more Neon colours!

Proper shadowrun project? A Drone flying through some sprawl streets maybe?
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