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Since the official SR forum by CGL continues to stay down, the Umbrae Europae game migrates here

Players and GMs:

Romain Pelisse.....Franck

== Info == 
Street Name: 
Name: Reginald "Rex" Waas
Movement: 4/8
Karma: 127/241 (101 from first two games, 1 Bonus) (10 Bonus Karma - Trade in Money: 20.000 Nuyen) (last updated at post #258 Mist of N.)
Street Cred: 20
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Elf m Age 22
Height 1,75 Weight 55
Composure: 13
Judge Intentions: 13
Lift/Carry: 5 (15 kg/10 kg) 
Memory: 15
Nuyen: 349.000

== Priorities == 
Metatype: D - Human or Elf
Attributes: C - 16 Attributes
Special: A - Magician or Technomancer
Skills: B - 36 Skills/5 Skill Groups
Resources: E - 6,000¥

== Attributes == 
BOD: 4
AGI: 2
REA: 1
STR: 1
CHA: 8(12)
INT: 5(9)
LOG: 2(6)
WIL: 5(9)
EDG: 2
MAG: 6

== Derived Attributes == 
Essence:                   6
Initiative:                10 + 1d6
Rigger Initiative:         10 + 1d6
Astral Initiative:         18 + 2d6
Matrix AR Initiative:      10 + 1d6
Matrix Cold Initiative:    9 + DP + 3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative:     9 + DP + 4d6
Physical Damage Track:     10
Stun Damage Track:         11

== Limits == 
Physical:                  3
Mental:                    5(8)

Social:                    9(13)
Astral:                    9(13)

== Active Skills == 
Animal Handling            : 0                      Pool: 7
Arcana                     : 1                      Pool: 3
Archery                    : 0                      Pool: 1
Armorer                    : 0                      Pool: 1
Assensing                  : 2                      Pool: 7 (11)
Astral combat              : 1                      Pool: 6 (10)
Automatics                 : 0                      Pool: 1
Blades                     : 0                      Pool: 1
Clubs                      : 0                      Pool: 1
Computer                   : 0                      Pool: 1
Con                        : 0                      Pool: 7
Counterspelling            : 6                      Pool: 12
Cybercombat                : 0                      Pool: 1
Demolitions                : 0                      Pool: 1
Disguise                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Diving                     : 0                      Pool: 3
Escape Artist              : 0                      Pool: 1
Etiquette                  : 1                      Pool: 9
First Aid                  : 0                      Pool: 1
Forgery                    : 0                      Pool: 1
Free-Fall                  : 0                      Pool: 3
Gunnery                    : 0                      Pool: 1
Gymnastics                 : 6                      Pool: 8
Hacking                    : 0                      Pool: 1
Heavy Weapons              : 0                      Pool: 1
Impersonation              : 0                      Pool: 7
Instruction                : 0                      Pool: 7
Intimidation               : 0                      Pool: 7
Leadership                 : 1                      Pool: 9
Longarms                   : 0                      Pool: 1
Navigation                 : 5                      Pool: 10
Negotiation                : 1                      Pool: 9
Perception                 : 6                      Pool: 11
Performance                : 0                      Pool: 7
Pistols                    : 0                      Pool: 1
Sneaking                   : 6 [Urban]              Pool: 8 (10)
Spellcasting               : 6 [Manipulation]       Pool: 12 (14) [Combat]
Ritual Spellcasting : 1 Pool: 7
Summoning                  : 6 [Spirits of Man]     Pool: 12 (14)
Survival                   : 5                      Pool: 10
Throwing Weapons           : 0                      Pool: 1
Tracking                   : 5                      Pool: 10
Unarmed Combat             : 6 [Tooth and Claw]    Pool: 11 (13)

== Knowledge Skills == 
English                    : 6                      Pool: 11
Magical Theory             : 6                      Pool: 8
Underworld                 : 2                      Pool: 7

== Contacts == 
Anton Stark; Armorer (6, 1) 
Dough Dougan;  Fixer (6, 1) 
Isabel ; Bartender (2, 1) 
Jeremy Jones; Talismonger (6, 1) 

Bonus Contact:
Pankratius Schmitt, (5, 4) 

== Initiation== 

== Quickened Spells== 
On Rex:
F6 Manascape (6 hits, 1 Karma)
F8 Increase Charisma (5 hits, 1 Karma)
F8 Increase Willpower (4 hits, 1 Karma)
F8 Increase Intuition (7 hits, 1 Karma)
F8 Increase Logic (6 hits, 1 Karma)
F8 Analyze Device on Power Focus (6 hits, 1 Karma)

On Waywalker
F6 Increase Inutition (5 hits, 1 Karma)
F6 Increase Reflexes (6 hits, 1 Karma)
F9 Increase Logic (9 hits, 1 Karma)
F8 Analyze Device (8 hits, 1 Karma)

== Foci== 
Spell Focus (Health, Sustaining) F3 (Bound)
Spell Focus (Manipulation, Sustaining) F3 (Bound)
Power Focus F2 (Bound)

== Qualities == 
Amnesia (Surface Loss)
Driven (Uncover Past)
Focused Concentration (Rating 3)
Low-Light Vision
Mentor Spirit "Beast" (Shark)
One of them
Quick Healer
Too Pretty To Hit
Wanted (50.000€)
Sneaky Slip Through

== Spells == 
(Tradition: Shinto, Resist Drain with WIL + CHA (21)) 
Combat Sense               DV: F
Increase [Attribute] (CHA) DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (INT) DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (WIL) DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (LOG) DV: F-3
Increase Reflexes          DV: F
Heal                       DV: F-3
Lightning Bolt    DV: F-5 (Limited)
Magic Fingers              DV: F-2
Mana Barrier               DV: F-2
Manascape                  DV: F-2
Reinforce                  DV: F-1
Shapechange                DV: F-3
Analyze Device             DV: F-3
Levitate                   DV: F-2
Improved Invisibility      DV: F-3 (Limited)

== Lifestyles == 
Doghouse  1 months (Low, Special Work Area: Summoning)

== Weapons == 
Shock Gloves
   Pool: 11   Accuracy: 3   DV: 8S(e)   AP: -5   RC: 2
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 11   Accuracy: 3   DV: 1S   AP: -   RC: 2

== Gear == 
Critter Body Armor (12) (Drake Mod)
   +Isolated (6)
   +Chemical Resistance (6)
   +Electrochromic Clothing

Critter Earphones R6
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3

Critter Goggles R6
   +Flare Compensation
   +Image Link
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
   +Electronic Parts x2 (Persona Mod)

Magical Lodge Materials Rating 6
Reagents x50
Romain Pelisse
FYI, let's use the same code color scheme as previously so:

"All discussion between characters are in RED"

>>> All electronic exchange are in BLUE, ideally with the >>> prefix

I think GREEN was used for inner thoughts / magical communication (with spirits)


As soon as Waywalker gets here, we can get this show on the road again biggrin.gif
Name: Waywalker

A Resources
B Skills
B Attributes
E Human
E Magic

Body: 3
Agility: 2
Reaction: 5
Strenght: 2
Logic: 5 (7)
Intuition: 5
Willpower: 5
Charisma: 3
Edge: 4
Essence: 2.65

Positive: codeslinger (HOTF), quick configurator, perfect time, overclocker (- 25 Karma)
Negative: Weak immune system, distinctive style, creature of comfort (Middle) (+ 25 Karma)

Phisical Limit: 4
Mental Limit: 8
Social Limit: 5
Initiative: 10 + 1d6
Matrix AR Initiative: 10 + 1d6
Matrix VR Initiative (Cold Sim): 5 + DP + 3d6
Matrix VR Initiative (Hot Sim): 5 + DP + 4d6
Phisical Condition Monitor: 10 boxes
Stun Condition Monitor: 11 boxes
Overflow: 3 boxes

Cybercombat: 6
Hacking: 6
Electronic Warfare: 6 (Sensors)
Pilot ground craft: 4 (wheeled)
Pilot aircraft: 3 (remote)
Gunnery: 6 (ballistic)
Computer: 5 (Matrix Perception)
Hardware: 5
Software: 5
Etiquette: 4 (Street)
Navigation: 2

Knowledge skills:
Italian: N
English: 4
German: 4
Safehouses Location: 4
Duisburg Knowledge: 2
Smugglers’ Routes: 4
Combat biking: 2

Contacts: Fixer (5,4) Pankratius Schmitt
Mechanic (2,3) “Coyote”
Street Doc (5,2) “Otto”
High End Escort (3,1) “Trixie”


- Augmentations:
Cyber hand (implanted deck)
Control rig (Rating) 2
Control Rig Optimization
Smartlink (retinal modification)
Cyberears + Antennae (Rating 3)
Cerebral booster (Rating 2)
Increased Myelination

- Commlink:
Nixdorf Sekretar
Transys Avalon
Meta Link

- Cyberdeck:
Microtronica Azteca 200 + Multidimensional Co-processor (hardwired) + Vectored Signal Filter
• Browse, encription, toolbox, virtual machine, baby monitor, decryption, exploit, fork, stealth, wrapper, shell, signal scrub
Agent: 6
- RCC: Vulcan Liegelord + Multidimensional Co-processor (hardwired),
• Electronic Warfare: 6
Targeting (AK-97): 6
Rotodrone Manouvering: 6
Fly Spy Manouvering: 6
Evasion Rotodrone: 6
Evasion Fly Spy: 6
Fly Spy Stealth: 6
Armadillo Manouvering: 6
Jackrabbit Manouvering: 6
• Programs: Virtual Machine, Signal Scrub, Wrapper, Agent 6

GMC Armadillo with ultrasound, camera (low light, thermo), radio signal scanner, microphone (audio enhancement + select sounds filter), motion sensor, laser range finder, spoof chip, chameleon coating, amenities (middle), morphing license plate, antitheft system (rating 2)

C-N Jackrabbit with ultrasound, camera (low light, thermo), radio signal scanner, microphone (audio enhancement + select sounds filter), motion sensor, laser range finder, spoof chip, morphing license plate, antitheft system (rating 2), standard drone rack (Medium), increased seating, rigger interface

Fly spy: camera (low light thermo vision mag), microphone (audio enhancement 2+ select sounds filter), radio signal scanner, motion sensor, ultra sound, camera (vision enhancement 3).
Fly spy: camera (low light thermo vision mag), microphone (audio enhancement 2+ select sounds filter), radio signal scanner, motion sensor, ultra sound, camera (vision enhancement 3).
Rotodrone: camera (low light thermo vision mag), camera (vision enhancement 2), ultrasound, laser range finder, radio signal scanner, motion sensor.
Weapon: AK-97: gas vent 3, smartlink external, 250 amno
Rotodrone: camera (low light thermo vision mag), camera (vision enhancement 2), ultrasound, laser range finder, radio signal scanner, motion sensor.
Weapon: AK-97: gas vent 3, smartlink external, 250 amno
Rotodrone: camera (low light thermo vision mag), camera (vision enhancement 2), ultrasound, laser range finder, radio signal scanner, motion sensor.
Weapon: AK-97: gas vent 3, smartlink external, 250 amno

Middle lifestyle (1 Month)
Low lifestyle (1 Month)
Armor Jacket + 4 non conductivity
Tag eraser
Fake sin 4 + Fake License (4, cyberware) + Fake License (4, armed drones)
Fake sin 1
Data tap
Hardware kit
Electrochromatic Clothing
Basic DocWagon Contract
Mapsoft (Duisburg)
Mapsoft (Gelsenkirchen)
Gold credstick

Starting Nuyen: 4d6x100

“Waywalker may be crazier than my ex-girlfriend (and that’s enough crazy), but made the cop fraggers eat the dust! If there is a way around a border, he will find it.

I was born in the GeMiTo sprawl, the one with a fucking dragon that eats people. Life was difficult then, and I was more comfortable with machines than people. There is a long history of smuggling in Italy, due to all the borders. And as we say, “Done the law, found the catch”.
My grandfather lost his SIN, and all of my family when he goblinized in a Ork back in 2021. We were SINless from the very beginning of this word. How do we survived? As most people did, doing what we could. I became a shadowrunner in my twenties, after trying to work as a low-paid spider for a factory building. When the entire place was burned to the ground by runners, who was blamed? Me. It turns up that the factory building shared a side with a secret research lab of the same corp, the very objective of the runners. And they want my head because they think I'm guilty. Well, the runners offered me a year of wages and a lift to the Ruhr with all the corp's gear I could carry, how could I refuse?”
Where is a border, there is some way to pass it. And I’m going to be the one you call to do it.

Distinctive style: Fan of the Vandals, a combat biking team in the Rhein - Ruhr scene, Waywalker almost always displays their logo on his clothing. The long coat he wears was one of the actual clothes of Speed, art name of the team rigger.
Romain Pelisse

The HIDE options in this forum is rather ugly, and thus not a perfect replacement for the "spoiler" we used in the previous forum. I would rather NOT use the OCC thread (like other people do) because I find utterly difficult to follow - unless you are ok to systematically add a link to the OCC entry is a related post. Something like that:

"Waywalker dodges barely the shot, before ducking for cover"

However, I do find it simplier when the rolls and technical stuff are simply part of the post. Maybe we can have a convention for that ? (maybe simply use italic for rolls and OOC stuff ?)
Fine by me. Let's just set the technical stuff at the end of the post, separated by a few ----------
That should do the trick. If we want to get fancy we can also set it in quotes so there is no chance of confusion.
Ok, I finally decided how to improve Rex during downtime:

41 Karma to play with:

Three new spells (Increase Logic (4R), Analyse Device (4R), Levitate (8R)) (15 Karma),
R3 Spell Focus (Sustaining, Manipulation) (6 Karma), (9R)
R2 Power Focus (12 Karma) (8R)
specialization (7 Karma)

With the aid of a spirit, Rex can boost his negotiation skill to 14

Spells take one day each to find and cost 2000 for the formula:

Increase Logic:
Negotiation: 13d6t5 5
Ava: 4d6t5 0

Analyze Device
Negotiation: 13d6t5 3
Ava: 4d6t5 1

Negotiation: 13d6t5 6
AVA: 8d6t5 2

3 days

R3 Spell Focus costs 9R 12.000 and one week to find (using a conjured Spirit to aid me with an untrained teamwork check):Teamwork assist Spirit: 5d6t5 1

7 days

Negotiation: 14d6t5 6
AVA: 9d6t5 4

R2 Power Focus costs 36000 8R and one week to find

Teamwork assist Spirit: 5d6t5 2
Negotiation: 14d6t5 3
Negotiation: 8d6t5 1

7 days

Learning spells
Spellcasting + Intuition=Spellcasting + Intuition: 15d6t5 6
12/6= 2 days to learn
Spellcasting + Intuition: 15d6t5 5
12/5=2,4 days to learn
Spellcasting + Intuition: 15d6t5 8 capped at 6 due to lodge rating
12/6= 2 days to learn

6,4 days

Bonding Foci 1 hour/force = 5 hours =0,21 days

Training as specialization
7 days

In total: 30,61 days or exactly one month worth biggrin.gif
Total Karma spent: 40
Total Nuyen spent: 50.000¥
Waywalker's Karma expenditure:
- 20 Karma: Edge 3-->4 (no time required)
- 14 Karma: Etiquette 2-->4 (4 days)
- 8 Karma: Pilot Ground Craft 3-->4 (4 days)

Money expenditure:
- Cerebral booster, Rating 2
negotiation: 14d6t5 3
avaibility: 12d6t5 6

I retry next week:
negotiation: 14d6t5 3
avaibility: 12d6t5 6

Third week:
negotiation: 14d6t5 8
avaibility: 12d6t5 4

In the first week, I also try to buy Increased myelination:
negotiation: 14d6t5 4
avaibility: 8d6t5 2

Total time: 1 month (three weeks for the gear + 1 for the karma)
Total NY: 75.000 spent, Waywalker has 20.000
Oh, by the way: Spoilers work in this forum just like normal
[ spoiler] [ /spoiler] (without the spaces) creates a normal spoiler tag

Romain Pelisse
[ Spoiler ]
A short explanation on how to get the book by impersonation:

Step 1)
We search the La Fountain University data banks for a student that is
a) involved in magical studies with the same topics as the book
b) lives alone or is out of the country at the moment
c) is similar enough to Waywalker that he can disguise himself as the student in a pinch

Step 2)
Waywalker hacks the commlink of the student, gaining all relevant accesses and permissions to call up the archives and ask for access to the index

Step 3)
We either gain access to the index or learn who could access the index

Step 4)
We learn where the book is either by looking it up ourselves, or by forcing the individual through spirit influence or any other means necessary.
If necessary we obtain Laes to delete the coercion.

Step 5)
We break in and steal the book
Now would be an excellent time for Waywalker to spend some Edge... cool.gif
Do you mean to try again? I was thinking about it...
Reroll failures, yes

Unless, of course, you are up for slugging it out with the IC (but that might draw unwanted interest to our mission)
Just found this nice little gif

add some more body armor for belly and paw protection and it's a pretty close fit for Rex
Oh, I totally misunderstood that part of your post.
I thought, some entity from this realm flew out into the real world and now occupies Rex' body.
That's hilariously bad news for Rex: not only seems his shape changed body have reverted to it's natural form (and left him naked on a roof) but it's also now controlled by nanites.
Only his body has so bad stats, that the cfd entity now is stranded naked with to it useless magic gear on a roof in Paris.

I'll edit my post when I get home
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