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Full Version: Breath of Summer RECRUITMENT
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I’m looking for some players for a trip down memory lane to the wilds of 2071. We’ll be using SR5 rules and having an NPC hacker (if required) so that we can gloss over the changes to the matrix system (and you can get wifi bonuses without worrying about them being hacked – of course your opposition can too!). You’ll either be relatively green runners, or perhaps ones seriously down on their luck. The run is an extraction and will begin in Seattle, involve a jaunt to San Francisco and a journey back home again. Depending on the number of interested PCs I might divide this up a bit to allow for realistic group sizes.

I am trying to encourage increasingly collaborative pbp in my games so there will be quite a bit of leeway to influence the course of events.

Character Gen:
Sum to 10, runner build

In addition to the normal contacts you get 40 points additional for free (with the normal restrictions on a max 7 points per contact). As they were free you might find those contacts dry up faster than normal, or demand more of you (everything has a price, right?).

Advancement / Rewards:
As with other games set in our Persistent Game World there are bonus karma points available for inputting your character, pics etc, onto our campaign page on Obsidian Portal. Please let me know your user name and I will get you an invite. The reawrds are 1 karma for putting your character on OP, 1 karma for a pic, 1 for a description and 2 for a detailed character background. Any contact or location write up counts as an IC post for ongoing rewards… and over the course of the game every 2 IC posts will give you 1 karma and 2000 nuyen.

Given the general flakiness of the main forums we’ll be running the IC and OoC on a dedicated forum set up by one of our players (Thank you Obi), you can create a profile here:

I’ll run recruitment for a couple of weeks and then hopefully kick start the game before the end of June.

Any questions please shout!
I'd love to play, haven't played one of your games for a while, will go for something less battled hardened crazy than Dana this time.

It goes without saying that I'm on board.

Down on your luck runner it is cool.gif
Looking for balanced rather than min maxed characters please...other than that you've got free reign!
I'm in. Although the character I was thinking of using isn't min-maxed by any means, but I wouldn't exactly describe her as balanced ... although I might need to change planned character, as she has a criminal SIN, which could lose travel problems. If have an adequate fake ID, would that still be a problem?
As long as you're travelling on a fake SIN you'll be fine...or get a coyote to take you there illegally which may be a better option anyway!
QUOTE (Aria @ Jun 6 2017, 06:36 PM) *
Looking for balanced rather than min maxed characters please...other than that you've got free reign!

I'm currently pondering about a native american mage with a strong bend towards ancestor spirits and very low equipment dependency.

The question is: What do you consider to be too strong? Raw firepower or general utility?
Is it min maxed if I don't leave obvious weaknesses or rather the opposite, if the character has strong options in most areas of play? (excluding matrix as you said this would be handled by NPC)
I am debating between a bodyguard adept, (quiet and strong kind perhaps Buddhist or some monk of some kind).

An outspoken rigger/driver, or a dedicated alchemist (Forbidden Arcana added some nice options for that).
Aria -- Just to confirm something -- the standard limit of 25 points of negative qualities applies? (the qualities I was looking at add up to 29, will take them either way, just will make use of those extra points if allowed). Actually my original list was longer, but I got it down Ex-Con, Impassive, and Dependent.

And for others, I'm planning on a revamp of a character I played in another online game which sadly got cancelled. Forty is an elven mysad (with no spells but a tiny bit of alchemy), recently out of prison after serving forty years for cop killing. She's basically a dumb thug with too much attitude, a love of air spirits, lots of intimidate, and enough combat ability to contribute somewhat once her spirit is doing its thing. Despite the in-your-face character attitude, she is mostly designed to be a support character (another spirit, another gun, teamwork on social tests, occasionally lend a useful preparation).
Any extra over the 25 max are character building but don't give you any extra karma:)

@Jack & Gilga... would be nice if the entire group weren't magically active, tempting as it is! Not going to enforce that of course, want you to play the character you want to... but they are supposed to be rare!!! Good rationale will be required biggrin.gif

Not sure I can quantify min max, it's just a feeling wobble.gif
You know, that's really hard, considering I haven't had a chance to test the new FA stuff

My compromise suggestion: I'll only take Magic D. Would that be alright?
I could also change up.... But not quite totally avoid magic. I was also looking at finally building the magically Aware detective/gambler that I've been thinking about since about, oh, second edition or so. Also a case of FA just gave a new toy to play with!
That's why I said make the character you want... if you all want to play mages I can deal with that, we'll just need to work out a reason why you are washed out or shadow wannabees and go from there smile.gif
Oh, don't worry about that - no matter how anti social my characters have been, I've always found a reason to do some dirty jobs with a bunch of misfits biggrin.gif
Well the mundane version of my adept is quite similar a bit less initiative but considerably more combat durable with bone lacing and orthskin. I am still uncertain which one I like more though.
So far I am looking at a street sammurai/rigger.
Shadowgrid is back up.
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