Hi all, I am the GM a long running PBP Shadowrun campaign to this forum, We lost a player in the middle of a scenario, without a good way to either write the character out or replace her at the moment. So I need a new player, one that would be welcome to start their own character eventually, but they need to take over the missing player's character immediately.

We are playing 4th edition, and the charater is a female orc of Japanese decent who is a former Yak bodyguard, all bioware mods, no cyber who is the tank for the team as well as the tactical leader. The character that would eventually replace her could be anything, as I expect some shuffling around once this scenario is done, but we are well covered in magical and social aspects.

If you are interested in just taking over Clementine, that would be fine too, and it is actually a really good fit for a newer player who may be unfamiliar with the system, so newbs are okay to apply.

Feel free to pm me, or post your interest in reply and I will be in touch,.