Hello Chummers!

I'm looking to run a globe-trotting cyberpunk game using the Shadowrun: Anarchy ruleset, leaning more towards black trench coat than pink mohawk. I ran a 2 years long, 2,621 post urban steampunk game a few years back, and I'm itching to start again.

I'd like 3-5 players who would commit to posting once every 24 hours monday - friday.

I'm allowing anything from the base rule book (I'm using the second printing), as well as items from my character generator and homebrew rules. My previous tenure as a GM, and the efforts I've put into those two items above I offer as proof of the fact I'll follow through on the game.

It will be a human centric (but see below) - no dragons running around . There won't be orcs and trolls that spontaneously mutated from regular humans, and pointy eared elves, but genetic manipulation and nationa state/corporate eugenics have resulted in significant changes regarding what constitutes 'human':

* Alphas run the corporations, gene-engineered in the womb, often on top of decades of pre-determined marriages. (Stat as Elves)

* Beta Humans are what we consider normal humans today. (Stat as Humans)

* Gamma humans were bred for survival and resistance to disease, along with a rapid population growth, and they could help replace the workers lost in government purges and disasters decades ago, in fewer than ten years. They proved harder to control than initially hoped. (Stat as Orcs)

* Deltas were created for loyalty and strength, to fill armies and man security forces. (Stat as Trolls).

* Epsilon strain was the answer to the gamma's problems. The eugenicistsí prime achievement in providing a labouring class of worker, the delta being a much more all-purpose worker better able to integrate with beta humans (stat as Dwarves).

* Psions (telepath / telekentic / pyrokinetc / clairvoyent) are exceedingly rare, but are appearing throughout the above strains of humans. Their brains are capable of warping reality. (Stat as technomancer, physical adept, or mage (without conjuring))

It would be good for there to be at least one Face character. Riggers shouldn't be just vehicle based. The large tracts of land on the shadowrun map that belong to the Amerindians will instead be a wasteland from a biological warefare attack that happened the same time as the ghost dance did in the shadowrun timeline.

The game will start in London, 2075. Characters from far-away places like New York, China, Australia and Africa are encouraged (not required).

It would be nice if at least one of the characters will have a contact of Lord William Furnival, the heir to the Furnival Fusion fortune. While FF is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Regulus Joint Industries, Furnival still plays an active role in the company as a its COO. He is known for being figuratively murderous in the boardroom, and very likable in a personal setting. He is a collector of antiquities who serves on the board of the British Museum. A couple runners think that Furnival has an agent embedded on Jackpoint who has hired runners to do some things that he himself can't legally do.

One or more characters should have Jackson Ellias as a contact. He is a reporter / producer for a somewhat morbid trid series on death cults and debunking claims of magical powers. Jackson is a scourge of fake spiritualists, and false prophets, in the style of Houdini long before him. He speaks several languages fluently and is constantly traveling. Elias is tough, stable, and punctual, unafraid of gunfights or officials. His well-researched works always seem to reflect first-hand experience. He is secretive and never discusses a project until he has a final cut in hand. He allegedly lives in NYC as his Network (Prospero Broadcasting Group) is there, but he spends more time abroad then in the UCAS.

Don't go googling these names unless you want spoilers.

If you want to be a really weird character, let me know, I have a very very odd background that could be fun for one of the PCs.

The characters should be at runner level, using the optional rules on the character generator spreadsheet, mainly corrections to weapon ranges and:

* All players get a free light pistol OR melee weapon

* All characters get a free burner commlink, fake SIN, and stim patch

For your submission, please include a link to a PBP you have participated in (nice, but not required), and a 1 paragraph description of your character concept. If you are particularly fond of one of the pregens in the book, that's fine, just add details on how they got to London. Pregens should be corrected by the errata in the homebrew rules link above.

I definitely want this to be the style of game where the PC's get to add details to the world as we go.

To apply to the game, please create a thread for your character concept at the forum I have setup for the game:


This will require that you make an account at proboards.com.

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