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Full Version: I'm back and better than ever.
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Missed you all. Overlord says hi, too, we've been dating for several years now. I was missing all of you magnificent jerks, and came by to make sure y'all are still alive. *wuffles* biggrin.gif
Tell Stan I said hello.
Welcome back?
QUOTE (Paul @ Nov 9 2018, 04:18 PM) *
Tell Stan I said hello.

Will do!
Now there is name I haven't seen in a while. Especially considering how rarely I peek at this place.
Wow, speaking of poofed, I haven't been back since August 15th of 2015... Goodness, how time flies. Howdy again folks.
Going to break out the grave digging shovel on a dead thread because I haven't checked in for close to 10 years. Happened by earlier today only to find a couple of messages waiting for me so I decided to drop in late to the party. Better late than never? Is that still a thing. It is right. Right?

Also... I need to edit my Sig file. That's a bit... ancient.
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