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Full Version: Recruitment: Uncaring Stars
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Hello and welcome,

As the sixth installment after

Deep Black Sea
Pain and Gain
Sins of the Fathers
Panzerknacker and Part Two
Salted Wounds

I'm recruiting for Uncaring Stars, an SR5 game.

There are six slots in total, with preference to my previous players.

As the veterans have a bit of a Karma advantage, new characters can enter with SumTo14, Ava 18 and 25 bonus Karma.

The story is focused on the European continent with quite a few location shifts. The game starts in May 2077 in Worms, ADL.
So far I have interest from:


Anyone of you in contact with Volker?

Start of the game would be the first week of June.
Totally interested!

I need to check if I can, but I'll let you know within 48 hours. smile.gif

all the best, guys!
If Sharkboy returns I'll advance him in the old OOC thread with suggestions from others, and I'll also submit the idea for a new character here if I like what I can come up with in Chummer.

Question about char creation rules: How much Karma can we spend on Nuyen?
You can exchange all Karma into Nuyen if you need to. 1Karma = 2000 NY
Rough draft for Grey Fox, if I decide to go in that direction instead of with Sharkboy. I'm more likely to stick with Sharkboy just because I want more time to relentless tinker with this character, but I wanted to share an early sketch of what might be joining the team.

B:3 A:7(9) R:5(4) S:1 C:7 I:5 L:3 W:4 Edge:4

Biocompatibility (Bioware)
First Impression
Code of Honor (Assassin's Code: Always kills his target. Only kills someone he's paid to kill. No package deals.)
Insomnia, Basic

Active Skills
Stealth 6, Influence 4

Con 13 (+2 Fast Talk)
Disguise 11
Escape Artist 10
Etiquette 11
Gymnastics 15 (+2 Dodging)
Leadership 11
Locksmith 10
Longarms 15 (+2 Sniper Rifles)
Negotiation 11
Palming 15
Perception 11 (+2 Hearing, +2 Vision)
Pistols 15 (+2 Semi Auto)
Running 2
Sneaking 15
Swimming 2
Throwing Weapons 10

Knowledge/Language Skills
English 8(+2 Speak)
French N
German 8(+2 Speak)
Radical Groups 8(+2 Neo-Anarchist Movement)
Shadow Community 8(+2 Safe Houses)

Licenses and ID
3 Fake SIN Rating 6 (Jaque Hubert,, Ralph Sampson, Adalwolf Kraus)

Alphaware Cybereyes Rating 5: Eye Protectors (Ballistic Glass), Low-Light Vision, Vision Enhancement R5, Flare Compensation, Vision Magnification, Thermographic Vision, Retinal Duplication R6

Alphaware Muscle Toner R3
Alphaware Tailored Pheromones R3

Clothing, Armor, Weapons
Vashon Island Sleeping Tiger + Synergist Business Line Longcoat with all the fixings
Tiffani-Defiance Protector
Ranger Arms SM-5
I will stick with Nova, just need to get her up to speed. smile.gif

That doesn't say a lot about how Grey Fox would be as a character. I suppose, he'd be useful, being both a charmer and a hitter. But then, I'd love to encounter Sharkboy again, too.
bnc wouldn't, though ^^

As today's Sunday, and it's raining, I basically spent the whole afternoon with bnc. I'm now at the finishing touches.

I'd like to upgrade her CRB datajack to a datajack plus. Is there any possibility I regain my essence loss? Can I rip out the old thing and replace it with the new one, paying only the 0,05 that the plus is costlier than the vanilla one?
Nope, essence stays gone (unless you are willing to shell out horendous amounts of money for genetic treatment). But you keep the essence hole and you can fill it with new ware later on.

That's what I meant. Remove the old 'jack and fill the "essence hole" with the new one.
Yeah, that is how it works, AFAIK. You just use the Essence freed-up by removing the old 'ware, before reducing your actual Essence any further.

Your Essence won't "grow back" just by removing some cyberware, but replacing it is no problem.

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