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Full Version: Returning from a decade ago
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So, it's been 10 years since I last logged in.
A hectic decade to say the least.

How is everyone doing lately?
(Next step is looking for a DS Discord server)

[EDIT:] Alas, I found no Dumpshock Discord servers.
Howdy and welcome back!

Doing dandy. The incredible shitshow that was the last couple of releases rocked the community a bit, but we're still around. If you check the PbP board, we have a few games in a range of editions (I'm running one in 3rd Ed.) so people are very much alive and kicking.
Welcome back!
The booze is warm, the music electronic and the population sparse - hit up some of the more epic threads or ressurect a zombie thread, everyone does it:)

Have a good one!

Welcome. I pop back in every year or two myself.
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