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Full Version: Looking for players: Actual play podcast/ retrospective
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I am looking for a group of players that would like to join a podcast I am starting. I am wanting to go back to where it all started for me in 1st edition and play through every module that has been made for SR throughout the years in the original editions they where made for.

In between modules we would also do a retrospective on the books that were produced in order of release.

Books in PDF or images will be provided for use of the review and game. Book reviews should take a single episode and do not require full crew but would like to have at least 4 people for the actual plays themselves. Recording schedule would be up to us but I would like to record each week.

Expectations would be that players read the rules of the edition that we are playing and commit to playing there character. You do not have to be an amazing RPer or any specific type on the pink Mohawk to Black tenchcoat scale. Only that you can be consistent, read most of the books and have a semi decent microphone for recording.

I am not caring about this being high quality as I am not needing it to be so. We will be recording on discord streaming o. Twitch and probably be using some sort of VTT, which we can talk about before we start.

If you are interested please ask questions and reply here and I will check in from time to time to put the crew together.

Kren Cooper
Somewhat interested, depending on day of the week - and probably more importantly, what timezone we're talking about?
I am in GMT-6 or central for those in the states. I am pretty flexible on the days the game will be on so I left it up in the air to see who would be in and then we could discuss something we could agree on.
So, off the top of my head, this looks like a couple of years of play, once a week, as much as a full day per session. Does that seem accurate?
Yes I plan on running this from beginning to end. RL will obviously get in the way for some and we may need to replace cast as we go along. It will take a couple of years to work through the entire catalogue, realistically I hope we make it through 3rd at the least. My main concern is someone taking a slot for this and then dropping in a couple of months. I donít extend to do more than once a week an no more than a 4 hour session. Episodes may be cut up and released more often though but I will be the one doing the editing if I decide to. Like I said I am not looking for high production value just doing this is a tremendous task in and of itself.

I have been running Shadowrun since the beginning and for me this will be a trip down memory lane as well as running some of the modules that I didnít run when they came out as we spent most of our time playing homebrew Ed that I created. For others this is a chance to play through to either learn what it was like or for nostalgia also. smile.gif

For those that listen it is another way to learn SR history and what the earlier editions felt like. I know there are other podcasts but :shrug: I tend to just do me.

I currently record and runs podcast for a miniatures game called Warcaster so I will be the one running editing and the like for the cast.

All in all, I just want to have some fun and record it for the amusement of others if they so like.
Arax Dvorak
also interested
With the holidays, It has been a bit busy sorry that I did not get to this sooner, the game is currently closed.

Sorry I didnít post this faster.

Thanks for the interest.
Moved to the correct area.
Also interested - have only played 3rd edition, read all the books and lore on 1st and second....and 4th and sorta curled up into a ball after that, sucking my thumb...

Australian, so timezones are weird as we live IN THE FUTURE.

- Let me know if you need bodies and really bad audio quality:)

Wifey is also interested, as she's been playing since 1994...

I came into the fold with SR2, but played in and ran a lot of SR1 adventures. Miss some of those old rules.

As for those mentioned before, I wouldn't be able to guarantee a constant attendance but might be able to do one shots--maybe even with my old school characters whom I've saved their character sheets. biggrin.gif

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