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Full Version: Any chance of resurrecting the main SR3R thread?
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So six years ago I got a PM from Nezumi suggesting that he’d talked with mods and they’d changed their position on SR3R being welcome here for serious development. If that’s true (and if it’s still true, six years is a long time), my memory is that policy was to not actually delete threads but to move them to a mod-only oubliette. Assuming that’s correct and there hasn’t been a purge in the last 14 years, this raises the prospect of getting the original thread resurrected. Any chance? PM bodies from that era are gone, but based on senders and subjects it looks like the thread got taken down July 10, 2007 or so, if that helps.

Also, bonus bug report!

QUOTE (Fortune @ Apr 10 2005, 05:22 PM) *
Phantasm and Trid Phantasm most definitely do not require voluntary subjects and/or targets. I believe you must be thinking of Entertainment/Trid Entertainment.

When I opened the “new post” window, this quote was preloaded. It may well be client-side (maybe I accidentally clicked QUOTEPOST and whatever I did left it in my cache), but since I’m already in the right place for bug reports who am I to fight destiny?

Edit: I should note that if the answer is “the thread’s gone but I think I have a saved copy on offline storage in the attic”, I also should still have a copy somewhere, so unless someone’s super-motivated if manual resurrection (by quoting each post in a new thread) is the only option I’m not asking anyone else to do that obnoxious work.

I would be interested in this as well.
Yup. count me in.
Still would be interested smile.gif
Sure! Let's keep the momentum up.
>Now what was it they told me in CPR class? smile.gif
I'm about 3 months late to last reply, but what would you like to do?
My understanding was that (15 years ago) the moderator practice was to move threads into a non-public subforum instead of deleting them, creating the possibility that the original SR3R main thread is still there and just hidden from us non-mods. This creates the possibility that it could get moved back into the main forum and returned to visibility.

I was hoping that this could be investigated—is the thread still there, and if so is there any reason to not return it to the public eye? For the first question, depending on how well the board handles links to moved threads it might just be as simple as clicking this SR3R link as a moderator and seeing if it leads somewhere.

(Here you give me a reply as a birthday present and I don’t even notice for over a month.)

Probably need to PM @RedJack to get an answer.
Community Projects

Apologies for taking another month to get it done. Just finished moving (military, on orders). Lots going on. Have fun!
Best of luck with it! Mind the drop bears!

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