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Full Version: Recruitment - Matrix oriented Adventure
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Hi, I'd like to pitch for a new adventure to check for interest.

I am aiming for something similar to The Matrix, where the shadow running takes place in a virtual world with its own rules. You can use skills regularly and augmentations also give you higher abilities in the game world, but since the world is completely digital most magic spells would not work inside the game world. So we'll have to figure out different ways to solve problems.

What would be a bit similar to magic is hacking skills - from matrix perception that allows one to understand some things about the world that may not be visually apparent, to hacking that allows changing the world in a localized manner - but there is overwatch accumulating every time you perform an illegal action. While normally it is of little consequence because you can log out, now it has consequences because it is not always easy to log out. You can only do it in specific locations inside the game world.

The initial story is about trying to rescue someone but he is not kidnapped in the physical sense he is just unresponsive for many days, ever since he started playing a new very addictive computer game. The only way to get him out safely is to find him in the simulation and get him (willingly or not) to an exit point.

The equivalent of magic skills would be hacking and cyber combat (and technomancer stuff) where matrix perception with enough hits allows you to see hidden things directly from the source code of the game. Hacking and similar actions allow you to modify the game world in some localized manner, but these are illegal and may have dangerous consequences. This is the closest thing to magic in the game world, which is otherwise relatively mundane.

The first adventure would be 80% inside the game world, with some activity in the physical world to investigate and follow leads.

Wow, that sounds like I would be able to actually roleplay one of my all-time-favorite novels "Otherland".

I would really, really love to join with bnc. I would also be happy to meet Thanee and SquirrelDude again (oh, and SgtBoomCloud, but that's only fantasy).
Anyway, I love the angle and I'm looking forward!!
Hey there! smile.gif

That sounds quite interesting... and the lack of magic probably makes things a little easier (even though, I love magic in Shadowrun, and the blend between technology and magic, specifically).

So, yeah, I am interested to join as well. smile.gif

Hi, Glad to see you are interested Thanee. I'll give it a few more days and then start the adventure.
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