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Full Version: Invisibility
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Fu-Man Chu
With the ability to drop spells, is a mage able to have a sustained Invisibility on himself and yet choose to allow his friends to see him? Or would he basically have to keep saying, "I'm here, I'm here, I'm here" until they all eventually make their Intelligence check?

Any different for Improved Invisibility?
Necrotic Monkey
As an indirect illusion, he has no control over who can or cannot see him. Allies have to resist it normally in order to see past the illusion. He can use Spell Defense or Shielding to help them in that test, however. An Entertainment or Phantasm (with the Voluntary Targets spell modifier) spell can be used to create an illusionary version of himself that only his allies can see, too... but that's pretty taxing on the magician unless he has a sustaining focus or something.
Larcen, a mage, is making himself, and street sam Urik invisible while Krunch is down the hallway keeping an eye out. I'll allow Larcen to be able to see Urik, as it's Larcen's spell. However, Urik should still have to roll a perception check to see Larcen, while Krunch needs to roll to see both.

Since Urik knows Larcen is casting invisibility, I'll reduce Larcens successes by half (round down) only for the purpose of Urik trying to see Larcen.

Larcen casts a Force 4 Imp. Invis. on himself, then on Urik.

For himself, Larcen has 7 successes, and for Urik, 5 successes.

Urik has a Tn of 4 (force of the spell) and needs 3 successes (7/2, rounded down) on a perception test to see Larcen.

However, their other chummer, an ork named Krunch is standing 15m down the hallway keeping watch for Security Goons coming. Krunch is paying no attention to Larcen and Urik, who also haven't informed Krunch of their plans to become invisible.

When Krunch turns around, he rolls his 5 intelligence, and comes up with an 8,6,5,4,1 - failing to perceive his teammates, whom he now thinks have vanished.
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