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Full Version: HE grenade
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Fygg Nuuton
what is the HE grenade in use by the US military? i couldnt find it online.

also what are IPE grenades IRL, or do they not exist in hand grenades? if so ar enormal grenades IPE or not

also for anyone who knows, is there a difference between the M67 and the M61?
The US M67 fragmentation grenade is a tad more effective than an IPE grenade, with a capability of sending shrapnel skipping like a schoolgirl a long, long way. Their effective kill range is 5 meters and their effective wound range is 15 meters, which is similar to the books maximum (though unlikely to wound) blast radius of 15 meters.

More information can be had here:

The difference between the M61 and M67 is about 1/8 a pound, but I'm sure there were additional reasons (fuse stability?) that the military shifted to the M67.
Crusher Bob
The M61 is slightly heavier, the M67 has slightly more explosive filling. Not a whole lot of difference between them. The M61 may produce slightly more fragments, that's about it.

The did you mean Concussion/Offensive of HE demolition? The Offensive grenade is MK3A2 Concussion Grenade. At least it was around 10-15 years ago.
Fygg Nuuton
well the MK3A2 said concussion, so i figured it was a concussion in SR, its actually an HE in SR?
Crusher Bob
SR has grenades mixed up.

IRL, it's 'defensive' grenades that are more powerful, since you are expected to be in cover when you throw them. Offensive grenades tend to not have any fragmentation effects at all (concussion only) so that then can be safely thrown by troops advancing on the enemy. It's also 'safe' to use them indoors. You don't have to worry about fragments penetrating the wall you are hiding behind.

The reason that the 'pineapple' grenades of WWII were replaced is that they produced much heavier fragments, tohugh these fragments produced greater wounds, the chances for the thrower being caught be some of the fragements was higher (you can't thorw grenades more than maybe 40 meters) and 20 is a much more realisitc engangement range. (thus, the 15 meter fragmentation radius of modern grenades).

The magical 'no real damage' concussion grenades don't esist. On the other hand, Flashbang grenades can often KO people inside an enclosed room... The loud noise, visual overload, and comparatively mild explosive (concussion) effect can KO some people. Most 'norms' will be incapacitated/stunned for around 30 seconds and have reduced performance fro around 2-5 minutes. Good soliders will bring this down to around 10 seconds and 30 seconds to 1 minutes. Ubermensh will bring that down to around 3 seconds and 15 to 45 seonds.
The flashbang is a little more debilitating than you make it out to be, causing rather painful pressure trauma in addition to temporary blindness and deafness, sensory overload, naseua, and so on.
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