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northern lights
well the desc says it all. can an adept get boosted and then still purchase increased reflexes?
Nope, not as far as I know. Cyber and adept powers don't stack in general.
AFAIK, the only reflex adjusters that stack are Boosted and a Synaptic Accelerator (which makes Boosted 3 and Synaptic 2 a rather worthwhile investment). Fortunately no other reflex modifiers - adept powers, spells, wired, move-by-wire - stack (contemplates the Boosted 3 + Synaptic 2 + Increase Reflexes +3d6 cybermage and shudders)
northern lights
anyone using the character generator? the reason it came to me was that i started a character came back to it and ended up with both and it was allowed.

but i do recall somewhere that the power doesn't work with any cyber
Herald of Verjigorm
The character generator (assuming you mean NSRCG from the projects forum) doesn't enforce all the limits. It's primarily helpful as a math aid and reference point to get page numbers from.

However, there is a theoretical possibility of an increased enhanced initiative spell, but most sane GMs would disallow it or come up with an interesting consequence of the stacked effects.
Personally, I'd be inclined to dip delicately into the realms of TLE-x (Cybertechnology p. 54) for someone who overstressed their nervous system that far. Can we say spatial perception disorders due to motor system dysfunction, alienation (what we might call the Quicksilver Complex) and seizures? I thought we could... cyber.gif
I think in the description of the Adept ability Imp. Reflex it specificaly states that it does not stack with any other form of reaction enhancemen, technical or magical.

It does. Well, all right, it did, in my edition. Herald was positing an Increased Cybered Reflexes spell (theoretically possible), hence my comment about TLE-x.
Reaction enhancing things (not initiative enhancing things) like suprathyroid, enhanced articulation, and reaction enhancers will stack with anything.

Boosted reflexes will stack with synaptic accelerator.

Other than that, nothing that increases initiative stacks with anything else.
Suprathyroid and enhanced articulation will stack with anything I can think of. I'm not so sure about Reaction Enhancers (SR3pg.301)
The reaction enhancer is compatible with other reaction/Initiative boosters.

It doesn't say ALL other reaction/Initiative boosters, just that, in general, it's probably compatible, and we can assume it to be, unless otherwise stated. So 'ware like Boosted reflexes, synaptic accelerator, and wired reflexes are all compatible with Reaction Enhancers, but something like MBW which says (MMpg. 30)
This system is not compatible with any other Reaction- or Initiative-enhancing cyber- or bioware.

probably wouldn't be compatible.

Of course, by that interpretation that would mean MBW has problems with suprathyroid and enhanced articulation. Regardless, I'd let those two slide and be compatible, but I don't think BMW and Reaction Enhancers were intended to stack.

Which means Boosted Reflexes, Synaptic Accellerator, Reaction Enhancers, and Enhanced Articulation are probably a pretty good way to go. +9+4d6 for 4.6 essence and 1.6 bio-index is probably the way to go if you're building a speed demon. Maybe suprathyroid.
Ol' Scratch
Technically, Suprathyroid Glands and Enhanced Articulation do not offer their bonus to Reaction if you have a superior bonus coming from Improved Reflexes (the adept powers). It specifically mentions *any* Reaction *or* Initiative boosts.

Despite that, it seems pretty obvious that the intent is that it's to limit other implants and magics that augment reflexes directly such as with Reaction Enhancers or Synaptic Accelerators, not indirectly like with Enhanced Articulation or Muscle Toner. But, a strict reading of the rules implies that it is the case...
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