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Full Version: Living in a astral world
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One question I have about the astral is how transparent is it. Let's assume I have a ward around me, and some power foci inside it. Can someone outside see the foci inside?

Let's then assume I'm engulfed by an elemental, willingly or unwillingly. Can I been seen from the outside?

Last but not least... the bushes. Not the president, but those fun astral ones that only grow in elfland and that everyone would like to get their hands on. Can an outsider see thru those?
Herald of Verjigorm
In general, wards are astrally solid and opaque. Masking wards are transparent and quite amazing at what they selectively allow to be visible.

Engulfed by an elemental may add the penalty for "abundant life nearby" or whatever that one is on the astral searching chart.

Page reference for said plant?
I as pretty sure wards were translucent, they add their force to the TN to see something through IIRC. Of course, I could dost verily be smoking crack.
Herald of Verjigorm
Yes, my error, it is a penalty equal to force. Merely making them translucent of various degree, with high force being effectively solid unless you get some impressive rolls.
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