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Full Version: [OT] Odyssey 5
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James McMurray
Did anybody follow this show? I lost Showtime after about 10 episodes. Did it finish out its story? It isn't available on DVD yet, but I'm really curious. The show itself was pretty cool.

Off-off topis: Odyssey 5 was cool and Babylon 5 rocked. Are there any ____ 5 shows out there that suck, or have I discovered a new way to find good Sci-fi shows? smile.gif
As Adam said, General Gaming would be the place for this.

James McMurray
Where did Adam say that? I don't disagree, I'm just curious. Your post reads as if his post was just above yours.

edit: if a mod would like to move this, that'd be great. smile.gif
Sandoval Smith
'VR 5' was a rather silly sci-fi show. 2/3 isn't bad though.
James McMurray
Ay yes. I'd forgotten VR 5. Well, that blows that theory out of the water. smile.gif
QUOTE (Adam on Dumpshock Prorastination thread)
Hey folks,

Despite my leniency lately, threads about Dumpshock should typically be taken either to Bug Reports & Feature Requests, if they are Bug Reports or Feature Requests, or to General Gaming if they're meta-topics about Dumpshock.

I suppose he didn't actually address completely off-topic threads, but they tend to have a happy life on General Gaming if they're not too off-topic.

well I watched the latest season of Odyssey 5 near the end of the year last year.

however in trying to find some mention of it on the shotime website I get nada so it may be gone now.

If you liked bab 5 check out Jeremiah on shotime same creater as bab 5 Joe Michael Straczynski.

Also you may want to leep a look out for the trek eps he did for enterprize even though upn is killing the series.

lastly Straczynski may be spear heading a new series in 2006 for the trek line.
James McMurray
Crap! (about Odyssey 5) Did they come to a stopping point or just stop showing it?

Sweet! (about the Stracynski). I don't have showtime anymore so I can't check out Jeremiah, but I'd love to have him head up a new Trek series.
Odyssey 5 didn't in my opinion come to a stopping point at the end of the last season so maybe it will come back again.

If so I hope they do it the same way 2 new episodes every week back to back that was so cool.

Jeremiah was run the same way this year as well.

So the long break in between seasons I would guess is so they can run the episodes 2 at a time at least I hope that is why.

And yes I agree a Stracynski spear headed Star Trek would more than likely rock.

The problem comes in having to wait till 2006 to see if UPN does it.

Remeber your voice can make a difference so let paramount know you like the idea.
James McMurray
Remeber your voice can make a difference so let paramount know you like the idea.

That's easier said than done. UPN's site doesn't seem to have any contact information.
Ok links

Stracynski site

This is where I read his post on the new series he wants to make.

And of course while UPN is the station Paramount is the company and they take stuff in writing only it seems.

I tell ya these backwards 20th century people go figure guess we need to bring them kicking and screaming into the 21st century lol.

We welcome your comments and feedback. Please write to us at:

Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038


Hope that helps you anyone else who is interested see ya.
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