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ok, so i was flipping through the BBB, and i was reading the parts about permits. Now maybe i'm crazy, but i would think, dealing with street level people, that being "legit" for something might make it HARDER to get from illegal contacts. If i were a fixer like that, i think i'd get spooked if someone came in looking for Big Bad Weapon :trademark: with a legal permit... i think snitch would be the first thing to cross my mind...
Point taken. A permit should allow you to purchase a weapon legally; with all the paper trail that implies, but without the Street Index. It does seem rather odd that it makes it easier to get an illegal weapon.
Even if that's the case, the buyer wouldn't necessarily have to reveal the fact that they have a permit.
but, if you dont reveal the permit, you shouldnt get the TN mod...
Sandoval Smith
2 things: if you've got a permit for something, you don't need to go through fixers (nice not having to pay street index) to get something. Second, I can't imagine Permits making people suspect you of being a snitch. Having one means you can legally possess that weapon. Having a permit, real or not, makes owning that weapon a little easier. So if somehow, you end up with the 'Star politely asking you why you have an SMG in your trunk, you can tell them, 'look, I'm cleared to have that.' One of my favorite tricks is to maintain a second identity with a SIN and credstick who's a Independant Security Consultant, which not only gives him the paperwork, but a plausible reason for having that sort of stuff.
Most of my chars had permissions for pistols or shotguns. I guess it's more or less easy to get one in the USA today, so it won't change in the UCAS. Having a good fake ID surely helps a lot. wink.gif
I took permits as others have described them, you donít go to the fixer you go to the shop.

Eg. I want an Aries Alfa I go to my fixer and say get me one he charges me a street index.

I have a permit for an Aries Alfa I go into my local Aries arms distributor present my permit and he orders it into the shop for me charging the sticker price.

That -2 TN to availability is for the abstract Eitiquette roll to locate someone selling the item you are looking for.

If you have a permit, it now includes illegal AND legal provider.

Look at the availability of things that can be bought with a permit anyway. Look on the firearm table, for example. SMG, Sniper and Assault rifle can't be bought with a permit.

Remains sporting rifle and pistols with an availability of between 2 and 5.

Substract 2 to that? Man, don't even roll, enter the shop and be done with it.
And what's so odd about someone with a permit wanting the same class of weapon from a fixer? Maybe he doesn't want to use his own gun for committing crimes? wink.gif
QUOTE (Spetulhu)
And what's so odd about someone with a permit wanting the same class of weapon from a fixer? Maybe he doesn't want to use his own gun for committing crimes? wink.gif

Which is something I do, maintain "clean" and "dirty" equipment. So one legal and one black market pistol (usually the same type for convenience), my real phone and one or more pay as you go throwaways, my own living space and the one I use for meets or when I think I'm under surveillance, etc.
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