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Full Version: Colonia Dignidad
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While watching some Television earlier this afternoon I came across a special on Colnia Dignidad on DTMS.

The article I linked includes a brief description of it physically:

The 137-sq-km (53-sq-mile) Colonia Dignidad boasted a school, a hospital, two airstrips, a restaurant, and a power station, and reportedly made millions of dollars through a diversified range of businesses, including agriculture, mining and real estate.

As well as some good back ground material. From the TV show I know it's been mapped via Satellitte. Still trying to find them.

There are all sorts of interesting, and admittedly grim things to set the feel of it. I thought some of you might be able use this in on of your games.
Funkey. Almost as good as Scientology's reeducation camps and ships.
Bwahaha. This is so Delta Green it's almost not funny. biggrin.gif
Two words: carpet bomb.
No. Napalm.
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