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Full Version: Full defense resets when?
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Ok...maybe I'm just missing it, but Im having trouble figuring something out. When you go on Full Defense, when does it "wear off"?

Example - Jimmy Jack has initiative 5, BigBad has initiative 10. Both have two initiative passes. On 10 BigBad shoots at JJ. JJ goes full defense for the bonus and survives the attack but loses his complex action on 5. 2nd initiative pass, initiative 10 BigBad shoots at him again...does JJ still benefit from his full defense bonus or did it stop working once his action on 5 rolled around, thus requiring him to use his next action again to stay on the defensive?

Page numbers for the rule would be great, but clarification of any kind would be appreciated.
You are on full defense until your next Action Phase. (p151) Because of how the mechanics of how Full Defense as an Interrupt Action works, this means it "wears off" when you reach your next Action Phase in the next Initiative Pass (if you don't have another Pass, it wears off after you roll initiative and get your next action).

Note that according to the rules, you can plausibly go on Full Defense AFTER you've acted, but it would soak your next Complex Action (in the next initiative pass). It's not clear when this Full Defense would wear off (does it wear off on the newly used-up Complex Action, or the Action Phase in the pass after that action?).
For the sake of simplicity I'm ruling that Full Defense lasts until your next action not taken by the current full defense. If your action is lost through some other means (init reduced to 0 etc) then your full defense still ends.
I would say the full defence wears off when your next action phase arrives. If you want to continue dodging you can do so with a free action, but then loose one more action.

(making the decission to go into full dodge on your own action has to be better than to wait for someone to take a shot at you, after all)
Thanks for the input guys...I think I know which way I'll go now.
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