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Full Version: Multiple Commlinks
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Since a persona can be subscribed to multiple nodes, is there any reason why a hacker couldn't use 2 commlinks?
If both got engaged in cybercombat he's screwed, and the time needed for Redirect Datatrail would probably occupy a pair of Agents at a minimum but why not? It'd be an 11300 nuyen way for a starting character to double their capacity on programs.

He-Man has two commlinks in his head. Each can run 5 programs before slowing down (Response 5 reducing effective security rating) so in BOTH he loads:

1. IC (in case his own commlink gets hacked)
2. Encrypt
3. Stealth

This leaves him with two programs per commlink, 4 total.

Provided he leaves one off/hidden in secure areas seeking his (fake) SIN, has the miniscule essence to lose, 11300 nuyen commlink (max ratings for avail 12), doesn't have to fight cybercombat on both at once, and two traces aren't begun at once is there a downside for He-Man to using this technique?

Worst case in my eyes he could unsubscribe one, have it untrusted, leave it hidden and data wiped, then use the primary. Thoughts?
for some reason this makes me think of the cyberpunk 2020 full body conversion called wiseman.

basicly a borg with multiple memorys inside his body that he could switch to at will, and a dedicated cyberdeck.
Well, the only thing I see is that he wouldn't have one persona subscribed to two commlinks, but two personas subscribed to two commlinks, which could get messy indeed for record keeping purposes. The persona is a function of the commlink, not the user (unless you're a technomancer, but then again everything's different for technomancers). I can see plenty of reasons for having multiple commlinks, though (Multiple SINs, combat/noncombat functions, honeypots, etc.), but I don't see how it would be beneficial to run VR with them both simultaneously.
Hers one reason I just thought of: When the first persona gets his rear kicke4d in combat the cavalry come charging in as the first logs off.

Plus, Intruder Alerts only affect a detected intruder but then again both would have to break-in/probe into a node... hmm...
Agents offloaded into coke-machines are better for that then multiple Commlinks for cavalry purposes
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