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I am doing a little one-on-one game of Shadowrun. My regular D&D group is not interested in Shadowrun so a friend and I are going it alone. I have found that only having one player means that I get to concentrate more on that player and developing his story. It works for both of us.

Blah, blah, blah...

Anyhow, here is my dilemma. I want to screw with his mind. (He takes a sick pleasure in f'ing with characters in his games, I want to return the favor, while still making it fun.) Luckily for me, his character has amnesia, is also prone to flashbacks, and has a dark secret. I have a lot to work with.

His character is going to wake up in a hospital. (That much I already established with him.)

So, where to next? I have a few ideas and I will detail them (with ***) now.

***His character was/is apart of a Lone Star. He was a undercover detective that was good at his work. He was quietly being recruited by another agency (Knight Errant possibly) and his boss got wind of it. An accident of some sort put him in the hospital. That accident may have been during an attempted meeting with the other agency, or non-related.

***He was a team lead for an elite, not-supposed-to-exist, black ops force (like the one being re-instituted by Lone Star). His job was to acquire outside workers (mercenaries) and take care of agency related shadow 'business'. While on an assignment, he discovers something very big, bad, and important about a megacorp, government agency, or his own agency.

***Someone decides he needs to die. (Possibly because he knows something he should not. Read above...) In the battle, several people go down, law enforcement arrives, etc... He happens to be carrying several forms of identification (due to his undercover work, perhaps) and gets picked up and taken to the hospital. He is admitted under an alternate name. That special someone that wants him dead is confused, frustrated, but let's the issue go when he does not show up for several months. Meanwhile, he sits in a coma...

***He is enlisted military that went AWOL. (Think A-Team) Somewhere along the line, something went wrong and he got severely hurt and hospitalized.

Anyhow, these are a few ideas that I have been working on. The hardest part is keeping in mind that he will have no memory prior to waking up in the hospital.

I also have not decided whether or not to have him roleplay out his flashbacks. It could be fun for him, but I think I may lose creative control of my plot if I do.

Also, in addition to all of this is his Dark Secret. I am thinking it should all be related so I can map it all into a big conspiracy, but if you have a better idea, it doesn't have to be.

Thanks for your time. =)
why limit yourself?

Maybe he has flashbacks to ALL those lives, memory implants gone wrong can be such tricky things.
Ok, but how would I explain that to him? His cyberware created a false memory? Not a bad idea, but I fail to see how I could explain it due to his cyberware. (Boosted Reflexes, Smartlink2 and Reaction Enhance6)

He bought and paid for 5 identities (4 Gold, 2 Silver) and I was going to link them to some sort of undercover work. His contacts (2 contacts, 4 Buddies) would know a specific alt ego of his.

Here is another thought...

What about a reverse Total Recall effect? The tech for that kind of thing was noted in New Seattle.

His character could have the grand adventure, and solve the great conspiracy with his dying breathe...

And then he wakes up.

And heads back to his wife, corp job, etc...
Alright, this might not work for you, but this is what I did to one of my players a while ago. Unfortunately we didn't get to play to the end since she moved recently.
Anyways, the thing was that I desgined her character and gave her Edges and flaws and cyberware and everything. When we started she got a blank character sheet and she could fill it as we went along. What added to the fun (well, sort of) was that she didn't know what cyberware she has. Total amnesia.

The story behind her was a little tricky and I can't really piece it together right now but I'll do my best.
I was trying to get the group of players to which she belonged into the archology, so I weaved that into her background. She was inside the arcology as the shutdown took place and was chosen by Deus for some special experiment. She was converted to a killer, an operative who was supposed to work outside of the arc eliminating Deus' enemies. Memory to her past life was pretty much erased and she was conditioned to be loyal to Deus. She was outfitted with the most top-of-the-art cyberware, most of it beta grade, some of it even delta. (Yes, I was bending the rules a little bit, but not too much. After all she still had to fit in with the rest of the team). However, she wasn't implanted the typical surveilance gear and killswitch since she was to operate outside of Deus' realm. She was also masterfully trained in most of the skills she would need as a killer.
Now, I wanted to drop some hints and gave her the typical outlook of an arcology soldier, with all of Deus' trademarks (the stripes, the eyes...)
She worked outside for quite a while and everyting was looking great for her but on one assignment she failed and caught a bullet to the head. She survived, barely. In my case she woke up in a morgue, but in your case she could just as well wake up in a hospital.
The neat feature about this background is that you have basically two lives for her to discover. The one before and the one after her conversion in the arc. Both could have people coming after her. She might have been a Shadowrunner before she was being converted. In that case she could have a former employer or a victim (corp) come after her for what she's done to them. The possibilities are endless. Or maybe she was a researcher who vanished inside the arc on shutdown and now Renraku wants her ack for the data which was in her possesion. After all, they don't know about her transformation.
Deus wants her either braught back or annihilated but he'd rather have her alive to see what went wrong and why she failed to report back in. He can still kill the 'failed experiment' after he found out.
And then, of course, you make lots of enemies as a serial killer... Don't know what she might have done for Deus that was beyond her controll. She probably has the military, the star and some other parties looking for her. What works to her advantage is that she was good enough to avoid being seen, so all those mighty enemies don't have much of a lead. And most people who knew her before she went into the arc probably didn't even know she's out again. And the transformation probably changed her appearance as well.

Of course, this is nothing precise. It leaves a lot of room for you to customize wink.gif
Hope you liked it. I'm not sure whether it fits into your concept though. You don't necessarily have to create the character all by yourself, but it adds a lot to the game if the character doesn't know what kind of implants Deus put into him. The next time he goes to a screening, make some unknown implants show up. You don't ever have to tell him what it is but it can be really scary, since you don't know whether it's surveilance or a killswitch or some kind of thought-control or drug inducer or whatnot.You can even arrange it that he knows about a basic package of 'ware which he installed himself but make sure he leaves enough space for you to add fun things.

However, some of the fun was for my player wondering where she got all these neat toys and cool skills. How did this bone lacing and dermal sheathing get into her? And all the sense where and military grade communication? And how the hell did she learn to break someone's neck with her bare hands? Why was she able to run at 20 miles per hour (estimate)? How come she knew how to field-strip an assault rifle?
How about ripping the storyline from the hitman videogame.

He'as a clone of some wacked out professor for a corp. When he wakes up and starts off his life, he finds out that he's just jumping through hoops and being lead around like a dog on a leash. In the end, he's able to kill the professor, kill all the other clones, and generaly ends up at the end with a life that is not his own.

This is a good scenario to use becuase you can pit the player against himself. at different times (other clones)
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