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Full Version: Spirits have me
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Ok, I'm starting a new game. Someone is playing a snake totem. Funny thing is that in all my years of running games, I never had someone play a shaman before. so..

The snake penalty is "-1 die for all spells cast during combat" Now, would you count anything cast anywere where there is a fight, or any spells cast in aggression. For example. Casting Barrier in front of the party to protect them. Casting heal on sombody who was wounded. Making oneself invisible to get away from the fight.

Also, Field Spirits. Are these only for farms? What would the spirit of a lawn be? What about spirits of the suburbs? Would a single tree count as a forest domain?

I'd count that as "Any spell cast while you're tracking initative and working in combat turns."

Premptively blowing someone's brain out the backside of their skull isn't "casting during combat," (in fact, it's an excellent way to make sure combat never happens) but casting Invisiblity while being shot at is.


I'd put "spirits of the lawn / suburbs" as City Spirits. Though it'd certainly be fitting to describe their manifestation differently, much like a Hearth spirit summoned from Martha Stewart's bedroom is going to look different than a Hearth spirit summoned in a coffin motel.

A single tree doesn't count as forest domain in any game I've ever played. You enter dangerous territory going there ("There's air in this sealed vault with me, therefore it's also the domain of sky spirits!").

My best advice for domains is to focus on the intent of the rules rather than literal exactness. Shamans don't cast spells the same way twice, they shouldn't be worried about taking a ruler and trying to figure out if there's just enough Tree to make a Forest domain.
I have always said that the domain of a field spirit is any cultivated land, or land groomed by man. It is a spirit of man after all and places like gardens and parks always seemed better as "fields" then "city".
Remember an area can have multiple domains.

The initiative thing is exactly what one of my other players cited. My only problem is that it kinda flies in the face of the whole pacifist thing. Snake "only fights to protect themselves and others". Of course I'm the gm so it's what ever I decide. Still, I try to be fair. Was just wondering of anybody else has had simular issues?
I would rule it as being any time Initiative is being tracked, or any time the character attempts a 'combat action', defined as being an attack, or attempt to otherwise cause harm.
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