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Full Version: Filipino actor turned freedom fighter?
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I was reading through Dragons of the Sixth World specially aboput Masaru and the Philippines. I came accross the name of Paolo Montalban. In the book he was mentioned as a leader of the Huks against Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

Funny that I remembered Paolo Montalban as a real life actor. If you ever watched the short lived Mortal Kombat Conquest series, he played as lead character Kung Lao.

Just an interesting thing I'd lilke to share.
Haha I remember that show, he was a pretty good fighter on screen. Cool info. smile.gif
Fresno Bob
I think he was the only one on that show who actually was a fighter.
Daniel Bernhardt's (he played Siro) a real life karate guy. He helps street kids get on their feet and stuff, saw it on a documentary about him. He also was Agent Johnson in The Matrix 2.
i KNEW i'd seen him before! siro was aweso--i mean, uh, i would never sully my mind with such lowbrow entertainment.
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