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Full Version: Photographic memory Vs Mnemonic Enhancer
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I'd like to know what's your take on this.

Other than one being bioware and the other being an Edge, what are the main differences? Can they be consider as having similar effects? If so is it reasonable to assume that you can get the same benefits for Photographic Memory as with Mnemonic Enhancer and or vice versa?
To gain that kind of benefit for the price of an Edge would be horribly, horribly broken.
On the other hand, I think the ME is horribly broken to begin with.
The Edge simply allows the player to ask the GM for info that the character would have seen but that the player forgot, allows the character to memorize text files and type them out later instead of storing them in computer memor, and similar things. It has no stat benefits.
The Mnemonic Enhancer merely gives a +1 dice per level benifit to memory tests, whereas if someone with the Photographic Memory edge pays attention to something, they get to remember it without a dice roll.
The Mnemonic Enhancer does way more than that. It's 'killer app': it reduces the Karma cost for raising skills by 1 per level of the ME, to a maximum of 3.
Actually.. does more than that (and less)

Errata's version:

+1 die language skills per level
+1 die memory related tests per level

-1 to karma costs for learning skills (level 1)
-1 to knowledge skill defaulting (level 2)
+1 die to knowledge skill tests ( level 3)
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