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Full Version: Helicoptor Pad
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Alright, strange question. Rigger 3 has rules for a flight deck on a vehicle, but how much would it be on the roof of a building?
About the cost of a couple buckets of paint and a few red blinking lights.
And a new roof smile.gif
Yeah, your roof needs to be able to withstand several tons falling at a few feet per sec.
It depends on what kind of helicopter you are planning to land on the pad. Also, there is the cost for initial and annual certification by state and/or federal agencies as to the safety of the helipad. Not to mention if you plan on having any kind of tower control for the pad. The complexities are probably similar enough to the rules for flight decks in R3 to use those costs, although if you were to retrofit a landing pad onto an existing building you'd start to run into problems with structural reinforcing to deal with weight, removing antennae/obstructions from the landing area, rerouting HVAC intake/exhaust to avoid dangerous eddies/updrafts in the landing area, etc. All of that is bound to factor heavily into the cost.

Why do you ask, are your players trying to put a helipad onto a building?
The most retarded breaking and entering ever.
QUOTE (grendel @ Sep 26 2003, 09:16 PM)
Why do you ask, are your players trying to put a helipad onto a building?

Yes. I think it's a great idea, because they want to put in on top of their aparment building. It'll be great after they shell out hordes of cash and get themselves killed.
Villian 1 = "Isn't that the heliocoptor that was shooting at us earlier?"
Villian 2 = "Yes."
Villian 1 = "Lets blow up this building."
Villian 2 = "Ok."
Your spelling of "villain" makes me happy.

Edit: Smiley added after I realized you live within driving distance and have a name that makes me think you might kill me.
You live near Oakland right? That's funny, I'm on my way to Oakland today.
I know, my spelling is terrible.
It's sad, I'm going to be a teacher, so all kids will spell horrible from now on!

Also, the costs of the flight deck are all based on the body of what's it is being put on. What would the body of an apartment building be? In a bad neighborhood, downtown Seattle.
Heh, uh... I doubt it is legal to put a helicopter pad on a small building downtown...

The neighbors might complain!

So sure, let them do it then first time they land they get raided and loose ownership of the building, helicopter, and everything inside smile.gif

Sure in the barrens maybe somebody could get away with it (the problems there are random people shooting at your helicopter just for fun, or stealing it), miles and miles from the nearest police officer, but not downtown even in a relatively crummy area.

But any building would have pretty high body. Vehicles don't win crashes with buildings until they turn into tanks/cargo ships, and even then they usually just tie.

Heh, if they don't hire an engineer to design the thing you could also just have the building collapse. smile.gif
Good ideas.
I like the idea of their building collapsing. And I'm in a sorry state when I don't think of the legal issues. Thanks.
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