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In a campaign I'm about to join, I have the opportunity to afford a Permanent Lifestyle (custom, from SSG) located in the Cascade Mountain Range..

The question/concern that has come up, though, is what is the Lifestyle modifier for Salish (or more specifically the Cascades, if that's available...)

Or at least, what book is it in?

[EDIT]Also, what grade "Area" for the Lifestyle would that actually be?[/edit]
The old Native American Nations, Vol. 1 sourcebook gives 120% as lifestyle modifier for the Salish-Shidhe. (Nothing special mentioned for the Cascades)

For the grading of area and other aspects of the lifestyle, I would like to recommend The Shadowrun Supplemental #19 which has a special on "Rural Lifestyles" by Kevin Casey. (Downloadable as a pdf here, right at the top.)

Hope this helps a bit!

Good, informative post.

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Yep, thanks man.
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