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I already posted this in the play registry, trying to explain to someone about my quirky char ideas. Serious enough to do damage and be useful, just quirky. Try this one. I don't have all the details worked out

I'm tryin to get a friend of mine to let me play in an online game is an ex-scatterbrain adept assasin, with delay damage and killing hands, traceless walk and blandness edge (haven't worked out all the details yet). Still wheres the clown make up, and people will remember him but when asked to describe, "he was a clown, ya know, with a white face, big nose, a clown!" Not looking for big advantages with it all, just a char concept. Background story: to put it short, an ex initiate who saw something on his astral quest that made him go crazy, would not stop flippin out, so they just dropped him off bound up and screaming through a gag in the middle of the brawl, who was picked up the 'brains, and through their 'view' on life, was able to calm him down. They used his skill for a few good pranks, but he got caught and was released on the condition he pay a large sum in a certain period of time... gives me some openings for some major flaws, like powerful enemy-Giggles (leader of the 'brains) and dependent type flaw, for paying the money back (has to pay so much a week or something). This, of course, turned him to running, in order to make enough dough. Besides, the clown makeup is tattooed on, so it would be hard to find anything else to do.

Too crazy? I think it would be a lot of fun
Well...the clown idea seems to cancel out the Bland edge. At least it would if I were GM! Just a suggestion, but mightn't it be fun if you just went with the clown idea? Forget the bland, be flamboyant! That would be a blast.
Fygg Nuuton
reminds me of the flamboyant ambiguosly gay troll i played with the bland edge smile.gif

"he was a troll, but real gay"
"well i wouldnt say gay, i mean, maybe he was just feminine"
"no dude, totally gay"
"i dont know, he didnt strike me as gay"

"what did he look like"

"well i dunno, but he had leather chaps on on"
"maybe hes a biker! whats gay about that?"

see how it works?
Thats what I'm sayin, yea, they're gonna remember him, but when asked for a description... "I don't it was clown! white face, big shoes, scary laugh... Just some clown!"
That's what ANYONE would say.
danbot, I am not sure how long this character will have to remain in play, but I'm guessing more than just a couple of weeks. With this assumption in mind I have to advise against this character whole-heartedly. This concept is not that of a character, but of a caricature, centered around one, single, very strongly defined characteristic which is enough to start character creation with, but as it stands, it won't be enough to have long lasting appeal.
I DO have a bad habit of that... taking one little unimportant idea and just running way too far with it.
Dude, now you know. Take the character, flesh it out, and make something with a longer lasting appeal. I'm sure it can be done without ruining the - admittedly very funny - gimmick.

Oh, keep in mind that this is supposed to be a shadowrunner. A guy who will have to watch his reputation. Distinct Style flaw should be par for the course with this guy. Also, he should have some flaw that indicates that he has to work twice as hard to get half as far with some of his contacts, since, well, he looks like a clown. smile.gif
Yah, it will be quite a while before I can play again, so I have plenty of time to do that. Thanks
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