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Full Version: How I view language skills
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According to the proficiency levels each number gives like 1-6, I follow this chart from the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages for fleshing out story type purposes, ignore it if you think it's too indepth:


1 Intermediate 1
2 Intermediate 2
3 Intermediate 3
4 Advanced
5 Advanced High
6 Superior

Reference guidelines for each level can be found here.
I've always used the State Department's criteria they judge their diplomates by. I'm not sure the exact wording of 1-3. One is common greetings and expressions where 3 is starting to be able to hold a conversation.
1. Novice
2. Basic
3. Advanced
4. Fluent
5. Native speaker equivalent
6. Educated, native speaker equivalent
And where does this leave your typical Int 1 troll, I wonder...
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