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Am I the only one confused about buying attributes in SR4?

Since they all start at 1 and assuming a normal human max of 6 then 50 points buys the attribute to 6? 1 + 5
Making the 25 point 6th attribute only apply when buying the improved attribute point.
Becasue if it is when a stat becomes 6 that the 25 per point applies trolls orks will suffer a higher points cost.

Or can someone please explain the Offical rule for it in SR4 as I am a little confused.
You can only have one stat at the racial max, and the final stat point that pushes the attribute to the racial max costs 25 build points instead of 10. A human with maxed out body costs 65 BP. A troll with maxed out body costs 65 BP (Starting at a 5, 40 points to bring it up to a 9, and 25 points for that 10th point). An Ork with a maxed out Logic costs 55 BP (Starting at a 1, 30 points to bring it up to a 4, and then 25 points for the Logic of 5).
Once you pay your BPs for your race, then it sets all of your attribute minimums and maximums to what appears on the table. If you purchase Exceptional Attribute, then one of those maximums increases by one.

From there, you pay 10 BP per point that you raise each attribute. The exception is if you're raising one attribute to its maximum value, in which case you pay 25 BP for that last point. If it's easier, think of all attribute increases as 10 BPs and when you cap one out you have to pay an additional 15 BP.

And of course, in character generation you can cap only one attribute and you can't spend more than 200 BPs on Physical and Mental attributes.
If you are still a bit confused and have Excel you can download the file linked in my Sig below and watch the cost on the far right of the first sheet change as you change the value in the blue boxes in the middle of the sheet from empty to 1 through 6. Also you can go to the bottom right of that first sheet and choose an Exception Attribute Quality and come back up and watch how that changes the costs. You can then often enter up to 7 points in the blue boxes (but still get an error if you enter 7 for a metahuman that has a Attribute penalty), and have it shown to the right in both the natural attribute and augmented attribute (both of which have shown their maximums to the immediate right of a '/').

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