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CNN story

Now just wait for what happens when E-cafes switch over to matrix interfaces and 'trodes or jack links?

North Korea will be able to conquer without a shot fired, because the entire body of fighting-aged South Korean men and women will be jacked in doing their battles online. I doubt they'd even notice (or care,) unless N. Korea pulled the plug. But why? You have the perfect slave population and the perfect addition already at hand.

And it's true. I just leave a game when a real Korean enters. It's not worth getting my ass whooped that hard.
Nah, North Korea isn't going to invade. There is still a huge number of heavily armed US troops pointing their significant arsenal toward the DMZ. That and the Reigning Master of Sinanju is still working for the US government and Kim Jong Il knows better than to get on his bad side.

No, it is South Korea that will invade the North. The American's aren't expecting an attack from behind, you see.
No... no. The plan here is to turn all those gamers into technomancers controlling drones virtually. See? A whole ready army of drone jockeys! No North Korean general is going to defeat that!
Can't talk. Playing games. smile.gif
QUOTE (hyzmarca)
There is still a huge number of heavily armed US troops pointing their significant arsenal toward the DMZ.

nah, our forces actually aren't all that heavy. the ROK army is much, much larger, though i will say that from what i've seen, our troops are better-trained and certainly better-equipped. wargames involving DPRK invasion are... interesting. it basically boils down to whether the north's shitstorm of bio/chem strikes, commando boat infiltrators, and massive infantry/armor forces can take the northern portion of south korea within ~3 days. if they do, they can hold the peninsula against almost anything less than a 100% commitment of US troops; if not, they'll have no hope of ever winning.

oh, and, uh, video games are fun. see? this post is on-topic.
Buddy of mine is a "Tactical Intelligence Officer" with the USAF. (Don't let it fool you, he's also a nice guy.) I don't pretend to understand all the details of his work, and he's not allowed to tell me much anyway, but basically he plays video games that translate into real people and machines moving around somewhere else.
And, in what this thread reveals is an ironic twist, his particular work centers around Korea.

Hmm... the military training/video game crossover. Korea's gonna be the new superpower one day.

(And it wouldn't surprise me if the next gen of fighter aircraft have controls matching those on X-box.)
it better be the s-controller, or there won't be room in the cockpit for the pilot.
don't worry, the pilot probably won't even know he is.
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