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Full Version: cost of stepped reflex trigger
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Sigfried McWild
the description in man & machine says that the stepped reflex trigger costs is +25%

Of WHAT???

+25% to the cost of the reflex trigger or +25% to the cost of the wired/trigger package?
If it was 125% of the cost of the normal reflex trigger - which has one price - the price wouldn't have been given as a variable amount, since the basis of it isn't variable. I'm ruling it's the cost of the wired reflexes or MBW system.
the rules say a reflex trigger must be installed along with the stuff you want to control so im guessing its +25% to the prize of the wired reflexes. and those are the only ones that can be controled by reflex triggers, both stepped and normal. mbw is allways on, and over time gives bad sideeffects...
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