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northern lights
okay so there's this great dragon with golems, but are there any stats for them?

i'm trying to set up a run at noon EST, and need some info on them.

and no, i don't have many books, so any game info i can get from you guys would be GREATLY appreciated.


6th, you're obligated to keep your mouth shut if you read this...
basically homonculi, IIRC ,with a few stat differnces. They can be found in SoE, which I don't have on hand either of course. So really I'm no help. Just thought I'd drop in some guidelines 'til someone can drop some stats for ya'.
SL James
Prague's Golems: Page 225 of Shadows of Europe.

Don't have the stats with me, I'm afraid.
But yet you can pull out a page number. I'm impressed.
SL James
It was copied from a thread just like this several months ago.

Search is your friend.
If you have none of these books and nobody gets you a stat block in time, you could wing it by calling them bound Earth Elementals with funny squiggles on their foreheads.
from what I remember, they're like a homonculi with a slightly higher body and str, something like B= F+2 . Not saying that's a stat, just an example
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