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Full Version: Hackers and Zombie Comm units
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Zombie PCs

Just food for thought.

Anyone have any fun vireses, sites, groups, or programs for SR4?
Rotbart van Dainig
The 'Machine Liberation Army', hacking Devices at random and replacing any System with a stubborn Pilot?
a agent thats equiped so that it clones itself and takes over comlinks?
Hey Chummers, I thought this might interest you all.

Renkru Grid Security Alert for January 2070
Infection Rate: Moderate/Threat: Moderate.
GridDoor.A is an augmented reality virus that spreads through appending itself to commlink to commlink transfers. Upon infection a backdoor is installed, and the commlink is linked to a network of zombie machines. These networks are usually used for malicious intent, such as launching distributed denial of service attacks against servers.

Renkru software engineers have determined that symptoms of this virus include unexplaned opperating system slowdowns, or incorrect system subscrpition and/or active subscription lists.

To remove GridDoor.A and other malicious code from your commlink Renkru CommGaurd 2070 is a reccomended solution.

[ Spoiler ]

I hope this doesn't suck.
No, it doesn't suck, in fact, it does quite the opposite. Very nice idea/implementation
Thanks NightRain, I've always kinda wished there was more stuff for the Matrix.
I realise I didn't include a coding time, I suggest putting it in the Agent/IC code time?
Is this at all hepfull? Should I do more? I have a bunch more rolling around in my head.
Keep 'em coming. smile.gif
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