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Vagen Karrde
I've searched here; found nothing. With the old forums still down, I was wondering if anyone here still has some of the rules for Paladins (the child mages). I'm looking to do some write ups for my game, and it would be helpful if I had somewhere to start.
Just PM me, or if there's interest, just post if you've got anything.
The usage of the word Paladin has quite a few meanings in SR canon, most of them having to do with elves and Tir Tairngire. Paladins can be pursuers of an ideal, loyal agents of a Tir Prince, agents of the Tir Information Secretariat, or members of the Tir Peace Force border patrol. You're going to have to be a lot more specific. I'm not aware of Paladins being "child mages".
They were a home-made character type created by someone (I forget who) on the old boards. They were in no way related to the Tir, or even elves in general.
I was actually one of the people working on the Paladin character type. Unfortunately, running a quick web-search, I couldn't find the rules online (although I know that they were at one point--one of the other people working on them hosted them for a while). I don't have the rules, but I do have a couple of old character sheets that I might be able to reverse engineer in order to answer some questions you might have.
Vagen Karrde
That would be great. If you want, send me the sheet, and I'll work on it (I have some free time).
If that's a problem, I can wait. I'm patient (read: lazy).
Omer Joel
The old forums are down - "Bad Gateway" - and I've found a link to the rules using extensive googling, but it was broken. So here is what I remember here:

Yes, there were definitely "child mages" called Paladins. They were a homebrew created by several (?) people in an old thread called "Magic's Children" on one of the earlier Dumpshock forum versions. They were some children with high magical potential (IIRC) who were taught magic by free spirits, becoming to a degree their "avatars". Toxic Paladins (i.e. ones taught by Toxic Spirits) were discussed in several horror-themed threads.
Vagen Karrde
It's amazing what you'll find with just a little digging and the right combination of words.
For anyone interested, go here:
Wow, your Google-fu is strong.

Thanks for the link.
That is some serious google-fu. I'm going to have to do a little digging to find the character sheet of the Paladin I created a while back, but if I can find it, I should also be able to find details on the Mentor I created for him and a short story about it. Drop me a PM with your email address if you'd like the details (or people can request that they be put up here and I'd be happy to do so).
So are they a little like otaku?
Vagen Karrde
It wasn't that hard, just had to run the right serach strings past google.
But I acknowledge your acknowledgment of my Fu. grinbig.gif

Roadspike: As for the sheets and what not, you can email them to me if you find the stuff. My email is in my profile.

Velocity: Yea, sort of, not really. If I remember correctly, they never "fade" like the otaku do. They have individual mentors instead of the Resonance, but otherwise are just like a regular mage just a fair bit younger.
It was what, 5 years ago, so I don't really remember much beyond the now refreshed mechanics. I'm planning on tweaking them a bit for my Halloween game, and introducing them as a NPC group (yes, group).
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