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Full Version: Codeslinger Exploit?
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Codeslingers are "particularly adept at performing a particular Matrix action", so at character generation you select a Matrix action "with an associated success test".

Now can these "Matrix actions" only come from the chart on page 219? The two "Breaking In" actions (Hacking on the Fly and Probing the Target) are not mentioned on this table, yet they require extended success tests to obtain account access. Would these both fall under the Codeslinger trait if "Breaking In" was chosen, would only one or the other be allowed, or would neither of them be allowed on the account that they're not on the table?
I would make the player choose one of the two.
I assumed that you picked a program, and got the bonus dice while using that program.... but under a strict reading I would agree that it has to be one particular action. IE: Hacking on the Fly.

Well the problem is that the definition makes it sound like you can only choose a "Matrix action", and Hacking on the Fly isn't on the chart for Matrix actions. Sure, it uses a Complex Action, but I thought that might be because they're very common complex actions that also happen to be extended tests (meaning a +2 bonus would be *very* good because you get it every roll), so I wondering if it was even allowed to be used with Codeslinger.

But yeah, if I had to I'd rewrite it to pick a certain Matrix program instead. That'd have been a lot simpler.
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