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Race: Unique Grande Zombie
Height: 34 meters
Weight: 8,181 kilograms

Force: 70
Spirit Energy: 32

Body 20 (90)
Quickness 5
Strength 22 (92)
Charisma 70
Intelligence 70
Reaction 37
Essence 70

Immunity to Normal Weapons
Immunity to Essence Loss
Immunity to Age, Pathogens and Toxins
Personal Domain (Mojo Discontinuity)
Raise Nightcrawler

D'compose can open his rib cage and store items, hostages, etcetera in the spaces between its organs.

Severe Alergy (Sunlight)

D' Compose was created during the Fourth World before the Scourge.
Seeral powerful conjurers bond together disosaur bones using flesh and sinew from various creatures, including adult dragons, and stuffed it with the preserved internal organs of a Great Levithan. They animated this necrogolem by binding a powerful Free Earth Elemental to it.

D'Compose was charged with guarding its makers' civilization from the Horrors when the Scourge came. However, no one anticipated the Horror's numbers or their power. His people died horribly when he was overwhealmed. His last act as guardian was the burry the captol city in True Earth, along with the remains of its citizens.

Unable to fufil his orders but still bound by them, D'compose set out on a mission of vengence and discovery. As he stalked and killed many powerful horrors he also learned from them. He studied the powers that allow some Horrors to create undead constructs and to make the dead live again. Eventually, he was able to recreate them well enough to raise his fallen charges as immortal undead. H e did just that, uncovering the hidden city and transforming its entire population into nightcrawlers.

He then led his undead charges deep within the Earth to the Mojo Discontinuity. There, they created a city of the dead which D'Compose rules as guardian and overlord.

Unique Powers:

Fleshrot - The Fleshrot power allows D'Compose to transform any living being into a giant zombie. D'Compose must touch the target of this power and say the incantation "D-Com-Pose". The target quadruples in size (quadruple body and strength, as well) and it's flesh begins to decay but its essence remains intact and it's spirit is trapped within the dead shell. Victims of this power cause Astral Hazing, much like a cyberzombie, but they do not become dual natured. Magicians transformed in this way retain the ability to percieve astrally and cast spells but are unable to project or summon. This power must be sustained for three full days before it becomes permanant. If D'Compose stops sustaining or if the target is exposed to sunlight at any time within this time frame the target returns to normal but takes deadly physical and stun damage due to systemic necrosis.

Raise Nightcrawler - D' Compose can raise dead metahumans as being called nightcrawlers. Nightcrawlers retain the memories, skills, stats, and personality of the original metahuman no mater how badly decayed the body is. Even centuries-old skeleton will retain the physical and mental abilities of its former self when animated as a nightcrawler.
Nightcrawlers are hideous duel-natured monstrocites with 0 essence. As such, they cause Astral Hazing and possess the Fear power. Treat their essence as 10 for the purpose of instilling fear on anyone who can see them.
Due to their 0 essence, Nightcrawlers cannot use any magical skills except Sorcery for the purpose of Astral Combat.

Metlar is next
Oh wow, ya really are digging them up!
Don't forget Tendril, Sslither, Redwoods, Granites (hmmm... pseudo obsidimens) and Magnacore. biggrin.gif
Oh wow, ya really are digging them up!
Don't forget Tendril, Sslither, Redwoods, Granites (hmmm... pseudo obsidimens) and Magnacore. biggrin.gif

Sadly, I don't remember Sslither and can't possibly reproduce him from the information available on the internet. Some help would be appreciated.

Race: Corrupted Elemental Spirit of Metal.
Force: 110
Spirit Energy: 14
Height: 34 Meters
Weight: 68,542 Kilograms

Body 155
Strength 160
Quickness 8
Willpower 110
Charisma 110
Intelligence 110
Reaction 59
Essence 110

Inate Spell: Fireball
Animate Stone\Metal
Materilization [special]
Immunity to Normal Weapons
Immunity to Physical Damage
Immunity to age, pathogens, and toxins
Immunity to Disruption

Alergy (Magnetic Fields) [special]

Metlar is some sort of bastard metal/fire spirit. No one alive knows were he came from or how he came to be, not even Metlar himself. What is known is that he is devious, malicious, and he throws hugh-ass fireballs. He has one single desire and one single goal. Destroy all life on Earth. To that end, he is willing to use any means necessary, even enlisting the help of other powerful spirits. Metlar is, due to his strength, the defacto leader of the loose-knit group of Spirits known as The Inhumanoids. However, the fact that he does intend to kill his compratriots one day and they know it greatly strains their loyalty.
Metlar makes his home in Earth's Core. He is currently locked in an eternal struggle with the magnetic being called Maganacore somewhere near there.

Unique Powers:

Immunity to Physical Damage - Metlar cannot recieve physical damage. Should he be attacked physically or astrally with a weapon or a spell that normally causes physical damage it instead causes Stun Damage, providing that it can damage him at all.

Immunity to Disruption - Metlar can't be disrupted. Should his stun damage moniter fill up he just keeps on going. He suffers a TN penality due to the damage as normal but other than that he isn't even slowed by deadly stun.

These two immunity powers essentially make Metlar invincible.

Materilization - Unlike other spirits with the Materilization power, Metlar is locked in his physical state. He cannot dematerialize. This may have something to do with his unusual immunity powers, but the exact reason why Metlar is so limited is unknown.

Animate stone/metal - Metlar can turn sculptures, statues, and similar items into living servitors. Doing so requires physical contact but only takes a simpl action.

The Stats of the living statue depend on the exact nature of the staue before it was animated, but as a general rule they have Immunity to Age, Pathogens, and Toxins and hardened armor due to their material composition but possess no other immunities and have realitivly low body.

Unique weaknes

Special alergy to magnetic fields - Being a spirit of metal, Metlar is strongly influanced by magnetic fields. He is uncontrolably attracted to strong magnets and may be paralyzed if stuck between two opposing magnetic poles.
It is also possible for one to use magnetic fields to control him. Devices that manipulate the structure of a powerful magnetic field can control Metlar's movement and his actions.

If subjected to a magnetic field Metlar may make a Strength test with a TN equal to the power of the field to break free. If he fails he is paralyned, controlled, or compelled to move toward the magnetic, depending on the orientation of the field.

Very weak magnetic fields so not effct Metlar due to his massive strength. The field had to be strong enough to move 68 and a half metric tonnes to even warrent a power of 1. If it isn't strong enough to cause cancer and/or sterility in a human after a few minutes of exposure then it probably isn't powerfull enough to paralyze Metlar.
If it can rip the hemoglobin out of the human body, then it is probably just right.
Earth Corps

Earth Core is a new UCAS government agency. Its nonsensical purpose is to "investigate threats under the Earth." In theory, it has jurisdiction over any wierd stuff found underground, in caves, and such. In reality it is a powerless joke.

Earth Corp is pure pork. The Vice President's cousin's fiance's roommate's half-sister's brother-in-law wanted some money and a lab to build useless power armor and work on other crazy experiments. A rider was tacked onto a bill that no one read and no one cared about and thus Earth Corps was born.

Earth Corps' consists of four people and has an annual budget is 125,000,000,000 UCAS dollars guarenteed by law for 10 years. This money is put to work devolping specialized power armor, vehicles, chemicals, and watever else the mad scients there want to work on.

Earth Corps is a division of the Department of Homeland Security.
caramel frappucino
...what the fuck?

hmm. I'm not sure where these come from, but they look interesting and godlike. Remind me sometime to put the stats for Joshua (my campaign's resident Uber-Spirit) up sometime. Not nearly as powerful force wise, and definitely lacking in the 'turn other people into your giant zombie minions' thing, but he could probably take on these two, simultaneously, and win.
They are from a failed 80s cartoon show of the same name. "The Inhumanoids: The evil that lies within!" It was one of many "merch" shows that debuted in the 80s including Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Transformers, and GI Joe. Unlike GI Joe, this one flopped big-time.
That's AWESOME ! I had completely forgot about that show!
Dr. Herc "That can't be his real name" Armstrong

Race: Human
Archetype: Adept

Bod: 6
Str: 6
Qui: 5
Int: 2
Wil: 5
Essence: 6
Magic: 6
Reaction: 5
Init: 5+2d6

Active Skills
Athletics/Climbing 6/8
Stealth 2
Grapling Hook Pistols 7
Grapling Hook B/R 4
Leadership 3
Negoation/fast talk 4/6

Knowledge skills
Bureaucratic paperwork: 3
Geology: 4
Box Stacking: 6
Exotic recreational drugs: 8

Language skills
English 2
English R/W 1

Adept Powers

IA: Grapling hook pistols 6
IA: Athletics 4

Power Armor 12/12 (Hardened)
[STR +4]
[integrated grapling hook launcher]
[hazmat enviroseal]
[fire resistance 6]
[thermal dampning 6]
[nonconductive 6]
[insulation 6]

Power Armor Helmet +3/+3
[Vision Mag 3 (electronic), Thermographic, Ultrasound, Low Light, flare compensation]

Genius Scientist, athlete, billionaire jetsetter, Herc Armstrong is human perfection. Well, not quite. He isn't a genius, despite how he presents himself, he isn't a billionaire, but with unlimited access to Earth Corps' bloated budget he may as well be. He is an athlete, however.

Herc Armstrong is the leader of Earth Corps. This prestigious position comes with obligations to order other people to file paperwork for him and to jet around the world on taxpayer money while predending to so something usefull and sampling exotic 'shrooms.

Despite calling himself "Doctor", Herc never actually graduated college. He recently corrected this faux pas by buting a PhD in Geology from an unaccredited "school" on the matrix.

Herc's favored "weapon" is the pistol launched grapling hook. One is mounted on the right hand of his power armor.

Edit: Armstrong is a Geologist, not an Archeologist.
which one was the guy that always threw his boot into the TV at the end of the episode because he was pissed about something?

BTW, jsut a quick brag, I have convinced my 4 year old son that Batman's arch-nemesis isn't the Joker, it's actually Richard Villiers. He was going off about how the evil Richard Villiers was stealing things and taking other people's Barbeque sauce. He also said that he was getting a gun, but I corrected him .I told him that Richard Villers doesn't use guns, he uses Thor shots. He even said "Darn you Richard Villers!" just had to share that. priceless.

We now return you to your normally shceduled program.


QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0)
That's AWESOME ! I had completely forgot about that show!

Heck, I even remember the theme song for it. There's something about those 80s cartoon theme songs that stick in your head, like a bad meme (is this phrase redundant?).
QUOTE (hyzmarca)
D'compose can open his rib cage and store items, hostages, etcetera in the spaces between its organs.

Or transport a platoon of Commando Night One Ninja Drop Bears and unleash hell on his enemies! biggrin.gif

Race: Unique Toxic Awakened Plant

Height: 31.3 meters

Weight: 11,856 kilograms

Body: 63
Strength: 76
Quickness: 16 (28)
Intelligence: 9
Willpower: 20
Charisma: 5
Essence: 12
Reaction: 12 (30)
Initative: 30 + 7d6

Immunity to Normal Weapons
Regeneration (unique)
Movement (self only)
Magical Guard
Enhanced Quickness
Enhanced Reflexes


Severe Alergy to Herbicides

Tendril is a giant humanoid mass of vines. Each vine is, in fact, a seperate semisentient entity. Tendril is a gestalt entity made from the collective bodies and minds of these sentient vines. Being made of several seperate beings means that tendril can easily attack multiple targets multiple times. Because of this, Tendril does not suffer penalties from Friends in Melee.

Tendril believes that animals are destructive and oppressive and that plants should rule the surface. To this end, he seeks to exterminate all animal life, starting with metahumanity. He allied himself with Metlar because he believed that Metlar would be able to accomplish this feat.

Unique Powers
Regeneration - Tendril can quickly regenerate any wound by growing more vines. Should any single vine survive it can regrow another Tendril in a matter of days.
Tendril doesn't have to make a regeneration test unless the deadly damage is caused by fire, herbicides, or pathogens. In such a case, if Tendril fails it gets a second regeneration test. Should Tendril roll a 1 on this second test it dies. If not, at least a single vine survives. A new Tendril will be fully formed within 2d6 days.

Each vines carries the complete memories of the whole thus a newborn Tendril will have the same knowledge and esires as its parent.
QUOTE (hahnsoo)
QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0 @ Oct 13 2005, 11:53 PM)
That's AWESOME !  I had completely forgot about that show!

Heck, I even remember the theme song for it. There's something about those 80s cartoon theme songs that stick in your head, like a bad meme (is this phrase redundant?).

one of us poor sods went off with the whole gummy bear song on the drop bear forum. Sometimes I just feel sad for us. Those damn jingly things just stick. Like the Transformers.....

or Fraggle rock
fistandantilus3.0, further research tells me that the guy who threw his boot at the TV was Ed "auger" Augutter.

One of his quotes from the series was,
If, by some weird freak of nature, we should ever want your opinion, we'll take a crowbar and beat it out of you!

Its a Shadowrun-worthy quote if I ever heard one.

Race: Horror

Height: 37.6 meters
Weight: 41,252 kilograms

Body 158
Strength 222
Quickness 34
Intelligence 184
Willpower 163
Charisma 148
Reaction 59
Initative 59 +1d6
Essence -112 (use the absolute value for any test that requires essence)

Horror Mark [Unique]
Astral/Physical Independance
Damage Shift
Astral Hazing
Weather Control
Aura of Awe

Sslither is rather benevolant, for a Horror. Rather than feeding off of pain and suffering Sslither feeds off of worship and adulation. To satasify his insatiable hunger for aduation, Sslither set himself up as a God amongst several groups primitive metahumans around the time of the Scourge in the Second World.
In exchange for their fervant worship and the occasional child sacrifice, Sslither protected these metahumans from the countless other Horrors that would ravage them without thought. At least, he did so for a time. Eventually, those who worship Sslither become so corrupted that they can no longer provide him with sustaince. He invariably abandons these poor damned souls and moves on to his next meal.

Sometime during the Second World's Scourge he met the being known as Metlar. Sslither saw Metlar's potential power and corrupted him. It is know exactly how much Sslither contributed to Metlar's invulnerability, if anything. It is most likely that Sslither chose to corrupt Metlar because he was already invulnerable.
Metlar became Sslithers enforcer. He often protected Sslither's terrotories from lesser Horrors that Sslither himself didn't feel were worthy of his attention.

In order to better facilitate his worship, Sslither taught metahumans how to build great monuments and had Metlar construct many, as well. Sslither and Metlar played a direct role in the construction of the Great Pyramid in Giza and Angkor Watt in Borneo.

During the constructionof Angkor Watt, Metlar turned agaisnt Sslither. The invicible spirit beat down his master in a long battle of attrition, eventually sealing Sslither in a specially warded chamber hidden deep under Angkor Watt. There, Sslither's body rest to this day. His astral form is not with it, however. It is suspected that SSlither's Astral body was driven back to the Horror metaplane at the end of the Scourge. However, some speculate that the Astral form of Sslither is siply hibernating near its body, waiting for someone to open the tomb.

Unique powers

Horror Mark - Sslither may 'mark' any sentient living being or spirit. Once marked, Sslither can communicate with that character telepathicly over great distances, up to 10,112 kilometers. Likewise, Sslither may cast spells or use powers on any marked character with 10,112 kilometers and may use powers or cast spells on anything within a marked character's line from up to 112 kilometers away.

Sslither may only mark those who pray to it. The prayer does not have to be to Sslither. Prayer to any generic deity in temple or monuent dedicated to Sslither is enough. Likewise, Sslither possesses many personas amongst many pantheons. Prayr to any of Slither's personas is enough to get a character marked. However, Sslither can only mark physical characters who are within 10,112 kilometers of its physical form or astral characters who are within 10,112 kilometers of its astral form.

Physical/Astral Independance- Sslither is dual natured but his physical and Astral Bodies are not dependant on one another.
His astral and physical forms can be seperated by great distances, up to 10,112 kiometers with no ill effects. Damage to one body does not manifest on the other, meaning that Sslither has 4 seperate condition moniters instead of 2. Should Sslither's physical form be destroyed or knocked out his astral form continues opperating as if nother is wrong. Likewise, if Sslither's Astral form is destroyed or disrupted then his physical form remains functioning as if nothing is wrong. Both forms must be destroyed to destroy Sslither.
Should one body be destroyed but the other remain, the destroyed body will regenerate at sunset on the first night of the new moon wherever it was destroyed.

Damage Shift- Sslither can transfer any damage he sustains to another character. To do this, Sslither uses a complex action to make an [absolute] essence test with a TN of (target's willpower) with modifiers for shielding and background count .

Background count that was caused by murder,toxicity, pain, suffering, and other "negative" emotions or his own Astral Hazing lowers Sslithers TN on this and every other magicial test. Likewise, background count caused by positive emotions, such as love or a happy performance by a virtuoso adept, raises Sslither's TN.

The Target then resists with Willpower and Spell Defense with a TN equal to Sslither's Absolute Essence of 112.

Every initative pass that Sslither takes damage, he can use a Free Action to transfer that damage to the target of damage shift. The maximum amount of damage that can be transfered is equal to the number of successes net successes from the Essence test. For ever box of damage transfered, subtract one success. When all successes are gone, the target dies, or 5 combat turns have been completed (whichever comes first) the power ends. Sslither can, of course, renew the power with another complex action and another test.

Damage Shift can only be used on one character at a tme.

Aura of Awe - Sslither may project an Aura of Awe that effects any character that can see him. Sslither makes an [absolute] essence test against the Willpower of any character that has line of sight to him. The number of successes determines the effects on tthe character.

1 success _ The character has neutral feelings toward the horror.
2 successes _ The character wants to be Sslither's friend.
3 successes _ The character is Slither's faithful sevent.
4 successes _ The character is Sslither's biggest fan (Misery style)
5+ successes _ Please let me bear your children.

The effects of Aura of Awe wear off in a year and a day or when Sslither harms the character, whichever comes first.


Characters who knowingly pray to Sslither give up good karma. The amount of karma given to Sslither varies depending on the strength and intent of the prayer. A simple "please let the Mets win the world series" may sacrifice very little karma. Hours of fervent prostilization will sacrifice much karma.
Taking Sslither's name in vain does not result in any transfer of karma.

For ever 10 good karma sacrificed to him this way, Sslither gains 1 point of karma pool.

For every point of karma sacrificed to Sslither a character becomes more and more corrupted. The corruption starts out of black splotches on the aura similar to essence loss. Over time, it results in physical changes. The character bcomes less human and more snakelike. At its most extreme, eyes change, legs grow together and form a snake-like tail that the charcter can slither around on, hands grow together and bcome poisionous snake heads, hair falls out and is replaced by snakes.
More extreme changes may be possible, but at this point Sslither is no longer able to gain sustainance for the transformed character's corrupted karma. Such characters are often revered to Sslither-worshipping cults. Eventually, the entire cult will be so transformed and Sslither will have to move on to find other sustaince.
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