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What kind of props do you gm's make for your groups to use when you do make props for them to use?

I recently made the following for my runs:

Seattle Screamsheets: A 1 page (f/b) "headline news" paper with pics (color). I want to make one for each run that had downtime between sessions

Corporate Bearer Bonds: A 1 page color certificate for a face value of 50,000 currency units for the corp the bond is made for. Currently have 4 of these (Ares, SK, Shiawase, and Aztechnology). Made up a logo for the Z-OG and came up with signatures for each of the corp PRes/CEO's.

A Calendar for 2064 and 2065 from a perpetual calendar website for the group to have for reference.

That's what I have so far. Am planning on another Screamsheet for next game and an old map for them to find showing some of the Seattle Underground.

That's all for me right now, I'd love to hear from the rest of you!

Eric the Dread0395
I have a crappy SR ring (yes, a ring, one of those things you wear on your finger) that I picked up at GenCon this year. I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate it into a future run. smile.gif
Use the ring as a signet ring of a group of bad guys or maybe better a group of "Mason" like persons trying to make the world a better place.

Let the runners find the ring a body and then (hopefully) they'll invdestigate into the persons identity and the group.

Eric the Dread0395
I would like to see this SR ring, if possible!
QUOTE (BookWyrm @ Oct 13 2005, 04:28 PM)
I would like to see this SR ring, if possible!

Sure thing. I apologize for the crappy quality of the images, but I don't have a better digital camera in my apartment at the moment:
Lenice Hawk
Well, it doesn't look to terribly crappy. Course, that could be hidden by the image quality.
You could make the ring part of an NPC's Geasa. Maybe the team has to steal that ring, the Johnson wanting to weaken his rival mage/adept/whatever.
It's mine! My own! My precious... *purrs*
I made screamsheets for my PCs, too. I also distribute them between runs. To wit:


Shadowland Source

Posted by Renraku Fox on March 9th, 2054 - 19h58 [GMT -08:00]:

A dozen people are being treated for injuries after a small fire broke out in Renraku's downtown SCIRE this morning. An internal investigation of the source of the blaze is still underway, but preliminary reports indicate the blaze started on the 208th floor. Although company spokespeople confirmed that Renraku's patented Snuffit™ extinguisher system did activate and eventually put out the blaze, nine employees have been treated for smoke inhalation and two others are recovering from serious burns. Rumours of a fatality were swiftly denied by representatives of the arcology's executive board.

"The arcology is a self-sufficient fortress, a true city within a city," according to a press briefing issued by Renraku America Media Relations. "As such, it is one of the safest areas to live in the UCAS, perhaps even in all of North America. Thanks to Renraku's forethought and profound concern for the safety of its employees and guests, our engineers used fireproof materials throughout the arcology, installed a state-of-the-art (and fully licensed) extinguisher system and trained all maintenance staff in fire suppression and prevention techniques. In fact, it is thanks to these preventive measures that--despite erroneous and hasty media reports to the contrary--there were no fatalities resulting from this accident."

Renraku America's Self-Contained Industrial-Residential Environment, known to the world simply as 'the Renraku Arcology,' has been one of Seattle's most famous landmarks since construction began in 2040. Considered by many to be a crown jewel of architecture and engineering, the arcology rises nearly a kilometer into the sky and its 'footprint' in downtown Seattle sprawls over 500 square kilometers. Although the complex was originally scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2054, that date--and subsequent, revised dates--have crept by with little sign of the project nearing completion. Nevertheless, the arcology is home to approximately 88,000 permanent residents and several thousand more labourers who live elsewhere in the city and commute to the arcology every day.

>>>[For the record, the 208th floor of the arcology is right in the middle of the SCIRE's thaumaturgical libraries and research facilities. The 209th is mainly residences for the on-site paranatural R&D staff and as far as I know, the 207th houses a major library of magical and occult material. Although corners were cut on the construction of the arc, fire prevention was always a top priority--especially on these floors. Despite these precautions, there have been several on-site accidents, resulting in dozens of injuries over the years and several fatalities. This is the second significant fire at the arc: those of you weaned from your bottles of soy-formula might remember the chemical fires that burned for two straight days down at the loading docks back in '47.]<<<
- Renraku Fox (21:23:14/03-01-54)

>>>[So we're talking sabotage here, right? I mean, this fire-prevention system sounds pretty wiz...]<<<
- Apollo (21:56:45/03-01-54)

>>>[Been hearing a lot about Snuffit--excuse me, Snuffit™--on the trid lately? A couple of news reports, maybe even an "independent" documentary on one of those specialty channels? Everyone talking about how revolutionary it is, with its two-pronged approach to fire: the powder/foam dispersal agents, etc.? Wanna bet Renraku's got a library of these "independent" docu-ads up at HQ, just waiting for an accident like this?
Before you start feeling all misty-eyed over Renraku's concern for its citizens, scan this: an ounce of Class-D firefighting chemicals will run a corp around 2,000 UCAS dollars (maybe 400 nuyen or so) for a 15-gallon drum. Compare this with the potentially astronomical cost of replacing damaged equipment in a hermetically-sealed environment and you'll see that as usual, it's all about the balance sheet.]<<<
- Thumper (22:03:39/03-01-54)
And another... this one I wrote to add some flavour to the published adventure Eyewitness.


Shadowland Source

Posted by Digger on March 1st, 2054 – 18h00 [GMT -08:00]:

[Seattle UCAS] The Hammond Necroplex, a familiar landmark in the Renton district, has temporarily shut its doors following a tragic accident that resulted in several deaths. Thirteen employees lost their lives when a gas leak instantly flooded the building with toxic vapours. Lone Star is investigating, although no criminal charges have been laid.

“We always send a forensic team in when the body count’s this high,” said Lone Star press attaché Miriam Dowell, “it’s just standard operating procedure for us.”

The Necroplex was built in 2034 as an alternative to the ground-eating boneyards of past centuries. Skyrocketing land values had placed burial beyond the reach of the average citizen’s pocketbook and alternative forms of interment became necessary commodities. Pioneering efforts like the necroplex helped change the way our society disposes of its dead.

One of the first of its kind, the Hammond complex provided a home for thousands of remains and turned a pretty profit until the past few years: stiff competition from copycat facilities have seriously eroded the Necroplex’s market share.

Director Thaddeus Hammond promises that the mortuary will re-open shortly. “Although we grieve for those lost in this terrible accident, we hold to a higher calling: Seattle’s dearly departed must have a home and we will continue to provide that home.”

>>>[Rumour has it, all the bodies they pulled out of there were pale as ghosts... real spooky drek, chummers. That place always gave me the willies anyway.]<<<
– Digger (19:12:04/04-13-54)

>>>[You gotta die somewhere, may as well be a crypt. Keeps postmortem shipping costs low... nyuk nyuk.]<<<
– Diamond Dog (03:29:34/04-14-54)

>>>[Hey Digger, grow a pair willya? Sheesh, so a buncha working stiffs found themselves real stiff. So fraggin' what? I greased twice that many people last week! Big fraggin' deal if some bluecollared geezers bit it on the job...]<<<
– Bung (05:51:43/04-14-54)

>>>[Shadowrunners, cynical? Naaww...]<<<
– Mink (09:18:16/04-14-54)

>>>[Hey kids, can the vaudeville and open your eyes: you ever hear about a gas leak that could kill thirteen people on four different floors of a twelve-story building? What’s the punchline for that particular joke, you ignorant slots?]<<<
– Hangfire (12:03:32/04-14-54)

>>>[That’s what I thought.]<<<
– Hangfire (23:00:36/04-14-54)
... stiff competition from copycat facilities have seriously eroded the Necroplex’s market share ...

What can I say? I'm a punster for a good suck.
I find props most useful for matrix runs. Having some sensitive internal corporate correspondence made up ahead of time really helps to keep them immersed in the game.
QUOTE (hahnsoo)
QUOTE (BookWyrm @ Oct 13 2005, 04:28 PM)
I would like to see this SR ring, if possible!

Sure thing. I apologize for the crappy quality of the images, but I don't have a better digital camera in my apartment at the moment:

The pics are a tad blurry, but enough detail does come off. You lucky so & so!
The ring size appears to be pinky (or size 4), as far as I can tell. I agree that it would be useful as a signet ring.
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