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Full Version: spell defense?
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Shinobi Killfist
If I'm a mage with a counterpselling skill of 4 and the link attribute of 4 how many dice do I get for standard spell defense for each of my friends. Is it 8 or 4. I'm thinking its 4, but I'm not sure if you always get your link attribute dice or not in counterspelling activities.
Rotbart van Dainig
Only the skill counts. The targets attributes are used to resist so the mage himself doesn't contribute anything but a skill. Probably the only way a skill can be used by another character.

Makes me giggle. grinbig.gif
What they said. It is different than the dispelling action (which takes a Complex Action) where you actually disrupt a sustained spell. You get your full Counterspelling+Magic there.
Shinobi Killfist
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