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Full Version: What's your favorite place to run?
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caramel frappucino
Do you like plying your trade in the traditional, yet always lively sprawls of Seattle? Would you prefer the exotic and mysterious elven nation of Tir Tairngire? How about taking your work overseas to Europe or Asia, or hacking your way through the leafy forests of Amazonia?

What's your favorite place to run?

Personally, one of the best games I ever played in was situated in Chicago during the insect spirit outbreak. It was actually the first time our group set foot outside of Seattle, and after years of running in the same place, the change of scenery was pretty refreshing. We had been partaking in our usual criminal activities in the Windy City when the wall went up and everything went to hell in a handbasket. When our only contact in the area gets himself killed off in a riot, our team decided that it was in our best interests to join forces with Catherine the Terrible.

We spent a year inside Chicago helping her build her empire from the ground up. In the end, though, the crazy slitch got a little too insane for her own good and forged an alliance with the bugs to keep herself in power. The next day, she was killed when a bullet fired by our sniper blew out the back of her head. The same night, all her rival warlords were assassinated in their sleep, and when the smoke cleared, our team had disappeared from the face of the city and Ares showed up on the scene with tanks full of FAB-III.

Ah, good times. smile.gif
my fav was a romp through the calfee wilds. two PCs with wilderness knowledge, one other with a semi-related skill, and a buch of city boys. funny how when we told the GM of our plans, no one noticed him find a copy of critters. OOps
I really enjoy running in Seattle. Part nostalgia, part liveliness, part familitarity, all cool.

I ran a short game in Denver last year, partly using the stuff from the old box and partly dl'ing new stuff from the net. It worked out well, because not even my "my brain is canon" player knew what to expect at all.

I'd really like to run a game in the UK/Asia region, but I don't have the new books yet, and above that I'm not GMing right now.
Tir Tairngire. Back in 2057 when it was full of its paranoid facist glory. We ran the sourcebook's "getting in" part, the runners blew up a Telestrian research facility, then fled for weeks. Great fun, thou not everyone survived. indifferent.gif

Afterthought: Every once in a while it's good to change the scenery. I think the next exotic destinations could be: Siberia, Amazonia, Aztlan, Norway or, of course, Tokio.

No cyberpunk story should end without a visit to Tokio IMHO...



That should be Neo-Tokyo now biggrin.gif

I'm having a lot of fun with the characters in Cambodia.
While as a Seattle native, I'm quite partial to 'Running in Seattle, the most interesting 'Run I've played in or GMed was actually set in Tikal, in what was once Guatemala. A bunch of hardened mercenaries in the jungle around ancient temples (look, that one looks just like the temple in that old flat-vid... what was it called, Sun Fight: A New Pope?) playing sneak and peek with Azzies.
Gotta be Seattle. Be it ever so humble.
Seattle, Montreal, Germany in no particular order. We also had some fun in the metaplanes...
QUOTE (ascendance)
That should be Neo-Tokyo now biggrin.gif

Technically yes, but re-naming it that was just bloody moronic IMHO.

On the location question, the best place I've ever had a game set was in Hong Kong and the surrounding Macao and Canton Confederation area. This was way before anything was really written about the place except the real basics and I'm not really how authentic it was, even if the GM did research a fair bit and talk to a couple locals that were in collge classes with us, but was much more about the atmosphere he was able to create with the place and the story he came out with.

Which is probably why I'm looking forward to the first Runner Havens book so much, just out of interest to see what they do with the place. smile.gif
Chicago, before and after.
Kyoto Kid
For the most part I have been running my campaign in Europe basing it out of the UK. With so many other campaigns set in Seattle & the Northwest that I have been involved in (BTW I actually live in Portland) I find the change of venue a bit refreshing. It is also really fun to watch the players try to deal with the various different laws & customs found throughout the NEEC ("whaddya mean you have to take my power focus?")

Other areas include the Great Lakes (where part of my next campaign arc will take place) and the South Pacific (where it will begin), then "To Infinity and Beyond" (where it will hopefully end up).

I guess because I live in the PNW, I find it more intriguing to set my campaigns elsewhere.
HONG KONG!!!! How could I forget!?! Now THAT's a classic. Our group played there the now locally (in) famous Aerospace 2061 storyline. Great fun. Triads, Eastern Dragons, Anti-terrorist special forces, roadkills, sea pirates, panther cannons, local runners and the highest body count without really affecting the demographics... Of course I made up everything because there was nothing written at the time. Ever since then I have wondered how to say "Nobody saw anything" in Chinese...

I am also eagerly waiting for the Runner Havens book. I would really like SR4 to take a more "global" approach.


Berlin, Aztland, and the Tir rank amoung my favorites. Aztland especially. Though it was a freeform forum game, it was still nice to set the groundwork to crash the Pyramid system while giving the Azzie security deckers a seminar. Was on the plane home when the whole thing came down around their ears. smile.gif
Kyoto Kid
Also the TT (before the sourcebook came out) was a lot of fun. Since there was only the information from the Anarchist's Guide to North America to go on at the time. It was pretty freeform.

When the TT setting expansion came out, that is when I decided to end my campaign there. Portland was completely different than I had envisioned it (no wall & more open. though the I did have the bigwigs living in the West Hills). In reading through the political and social setting, I found that it would be almost impossible to run the shadows there for long (especially with the group I had) before either being thrown in prison or dropped across the border in the Salish lands after receiving the Tir government's favourite parting gift.
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