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Full Version: Mentor Spirits for technomancers?
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Jürgen Hubert
Since there are already so many parallels between mages and technomancers, why not introduce a new one - mentor spirits for technomancers?

I mean, there already seem to be plenty of free-floating matrix entities around now...

(Oh, and what bonuses would Deus, Megaera, and Mirage grant? nyahnyah.gif)
Ancient History
whaps with a rolled up newspaper
Jürgen Hubert
QUOTE (Ancient History)
whaps with a rolled up newspaper

well, if i had to guess, Deus would probably grant a bonus to command complex form. and possibly Black IC type stuff (just one, not both)

Megaera... hmmm... tough one... i dunno... what goes with being a little crazy? her drawback would probably have something to do with crazy too, i would think. maybe she grants resistance to black IC or something (you know, since your mind is all weird already, the IC doesn't hit you quite right... or something... )

this is just theoretical of course. oh, and i don't know enough about Mirage to make any guesses at his bonuses.
Haven't read System Failure, but here's my crack at it.

Deus (If still around): +2 dice to Edit and Spoof forms, -2 dice pool to any test when using or connected to Renraku branded gear.

Maegera (if still around): +2 dice to resist Black IC, +2 rating to your exploit form, subtract one hit from "reboot" tests due to being easily confused and resisting going offline for any reason.

Mirage (if still around): +2 Attack and Armor forms, -2 dice when attempting to act or perceive in the meat world while in VR on top of standard penalties (an echo of Mirage's past)

Deep Resonance: +2 Cloak and Analyze forms, -2 dice during attack actions within the Matrix.

Dissonance: +2 Attack and Spoof forms, -2 dice when evading an attack in the Matrix.
hmmm... done some further thought, and realised... what about compiling? Deus should get a bonus to machine sprites, and Megaera to fault sprites i think. but that's just IMO.
I forgot all about sprites. Feel free to mod, these are just rectal apparitions.
Hey, lets not get to hung up on AI's that are probably dead anyway. How about the old Captain Chaos?

+2 dice for data searches, +2 dice for messenger sprites.

Must make a Willpower +Charisma test (3) in order to keep any interesting data for himself, instead of "Spreading the word."

(Not that I approve of mentor spirits for technomancers. I hate how like magic they are. But for the purposes of discusion, I'm always ready with my 2 cents worth.)
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