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Full Version: A quick motion sensor question
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Omer Joel
Can a Motion Sensor (SR4 p.254 and p.326) installed in a handheld sensor package (SR4 p.253) be used while the user himself moves?

If yes, now we are going closer to Aliens, except for interstellar travel and "artificial persons" biggrin.gif eek.gif biggrin.gif (hand-held motion sensors, hand-help welding device on SR4 p.327 looking almost exactly like the one in Aliens, smartgoggles+gyromount+LMG, HK XM30 looking quite like the Pulse Rifle, Bug Spirits... All we have to do is wait for the vehicle rules and design a nice jump-jet "dropship" and a fuel-cell-powered wheeled APC...upsidedown.gifalien.gifsilly.gifsilly.gif )
Well, I haven't seen anythign in the rules that says it can't... So yea, I guess it works that way.

Happy bug hunting! (See franktrollmans's conversion of bug spirits. It's good.)
Omer Joel
Thanks for the reply!
And I didn't say I was going to have a bug-heavy campaign (if I do, it'll be more akin to Dark Skies than to Aliens), but rather than reading through the SR4 gear section reminded me of that great movie smile.gif.
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