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Full Version: Astral combat
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I see an aspect of the rules that appear confusing. First under the skills section Astral Combat is linked to Willpower (pgs 111 and 113). Then on the Astral Combat section (pg 184) it says: "Astral combat is resolved in the same way as physical combat. Astrally perceiving and dual natured characters use their Physical attributes and skills to fight opponents with a physical body, and their Willpower + Astral Combat to fight wholly astral entities. Astrally projecting characters use their Mental attributes in place of Physical ones along with the Astral Combat skill. Their are no known ranged weapons that function in the astral space, so unarmed attacks, active weapon foci, and mana spells are the only options for astral combat." It also has Logic as replacing Agility when in astral space. So with this in mind do you still combine Astral Combat with Willpower? It lists Logic as replacing Agility, all other Combat Skills on the Physical plane use Agility as the linked attribute. If Logic isn't used to replace Agility, what will Logic ever be used for in astral space? To me it appears completely useless. Am I reading this right?
northern lights
you should be studying.

and in the case of my character, it's will + agil + astral pool + edge

all times 3 of course wink.gif

i can't help you. you've got the only copy of 4th around, and i'm not that excited about getting my hands on it, though i'm sure that'll change when next we meet.

There is another point of ambiguity:

The damage of the weapon [focus] is the same on the astral plane as it is in the physical world., 4E Core, P. 192.

In the physical world, the damage is based on STR/2. One can see that it should be CHA/2 while projecting and STR/2 while perceiving or otherwise dual-natured.
The thing that confuses and worries me about astral combat is that it is not defaultable. This apparently means that an astrally perceiving adept with a weapon focus is completely defenseless to astral attacks (unless he has this skill). And magicians who don't have the skill (and there are enough skills to purchase as a magician as is) are also defenseless; or at least forced to cast spells to defend themselves. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any rules for casting spells in the astral.
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