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I am a big proponent of mood and feel in my game. If the characters aren't feeling the game, it's just a (excuse the term) dungeon-hack.

What movies and music do you storytellers out there draw from?

I've been playing SR since v2.0. Certainly the first two, and part of the third iteration were very much William Gibson. The other part of v.3 and all of SR4 seems very much Neil Stephenson, if you catch the analogy.

Whereas, again excusing the examples, the first versions of SR were very Johnny Mnemonic, SR4 seems more Matrix-y.

I'm looking for more to inspire my upcoming games.

Here's something to start the discussion, please add to this list:

Matrix, The
Minority Report
Paycheck (certain aspects, otherwise a SHITTY movie).
Ghost In The Shell (anime)
Lain (anime)


If you're looking for music, well, I'm of the opinion that the album "The Cursed Species" by Cdatakill is the penultimate Shadowrun soundtrack. It's not exactly a popular or mainstream album, but if you can find samples on the internet, or get a physical copy (I got my copy at it's a fantastic bunch of music to put on during a game.

"Swarm of Vicious Angels" from that album makes me think of hacking my way through SR4's Wireless Matrix. cool.gif

Edit: I just realized that the song titles even have a SR feel to them. Tracks like "Predatory Behavior," "How To Kill People And Get Away With It," and "A Death Worth A Living." Man, it really IS a good soundtrack. biggrin.gif
Not intended to be an insult, but this is more general forum thread.
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