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Full Version: How many people around here still want a LE?
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I noticed there is one on eBay right now, auction ending a little less than a week from now: 26-Oct-05 18:31:10 EDT

EDIT: Odd, the link doesn't work but when i copy-paste the text for the link into a browser it does?

EDIT2: Ah, for some reason (because it's really long?) the board is appending the characters "<br%20/>" to the end of the link.
I want one, but not badly enough to pay whatever the price'll inevitably be a week from now.
Studio2 is still showing that they have some. Mine should arrive tomorrow.
An ebay auction for one just ended a couple of days ago, it went for $121.50.
And someone is selling an "updated" version of the regular game - doesn't say it is "pre-order" nor does it say whether is hardback or softcover?

it is here
That seems to be an illegal copy of the PDF...

EDIT: No, it isn't. It is just the regular German hardcover version of the book. 4.01D means, that there are minor updates to the book (and lots of new and exciting mistakes, especially grammar and spelling are really interesting wink.gif ) and that the language is "Deutsch" / German.
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (Oracle)
and lots of new and exciting mistakes, especially grammar and spelling are really interesting

The missing stats are fun, too... sarcastic.gif
Oh, yes. And has anyone seen an index in that book? Even the tradition of giving references to other pages in the form of "For reference take a look at page XXX." is still being honoured. Like in the good old days of SR3.01D. That gives me some warm nostalgic feeling. smile.gif
I'm scared, as most of the old staff is no longer active. Seems to be a tradition at FanPro to make the same mistakes as the predecessors.

But after all we're an arrogant breed. biggrin.gif
I want an LE, but with all of the corrections already built in. nyahnyah.gif

So, as pretty as they are, no LE for me. frown.gif
I have to admit when I saw this thread, I was thinking, "Living Elf, wtf?"


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