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I've been away from SR since the 2nd edition and when I saw there was a 4th edition coming out it re-awakened all the good times I had with the game so I snatched up a copy as soon as it came out.

I'm getting together a campaign but have a question about Redmond. Has anything major happened to my favorite slum since the Seattle Sourcebook? I plan to pick up a copy of the New Seattle PDF after I get paid so that should help. Is there anything major I need to be aware of as I start updating the district to 2070?

Also, are there any other sources that might come in handy for me that might mention the barrens?
the only major incident i recall is that a suborbital crashed there during Mob War. New Seattle has information on the Barrens.
Incidentally Runner Havens is [currently] the next book that is to be released (the first SR4 book beyond the BBB). It is suppose to update Seattle to the year 2070 for SR4, and give detail for Hong Kong too (which has fairly limited, scattered coverage right now), plus short summaries of a few other places (cities?) to give selection of different types of locations.

However i get the impression that you shouldn't really expect to be able to buy it before early next year since there hasn't even been an official release target date outside of the ever nebulous month given in a trade mag.
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