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The only snake stats I can find are the awakened mamba variant which tells us how mamba venom works, and a flying snake (starts with eky something).

Where are the stats for other venomous snake poisons? Like copperhead, or cobra? Or just make up as you go along?

Mamba is 5S at 5, 10 and 20 minute intervals. I fortunately didn't need the stats for the run yesterday, (because the runners went the direction I wanted them to go) but now I'm curious.

Where are snake poisons, and spider poisons? (I.E. the natural occuring poison, not the manufactured variants)
I've noticed a distinct lack of ANY useful natural poisons in SR, which is rather disappointing. Being shadowy characters, presumably we'd have the ability to use shadowy methods. It would sure make those blood filters more useful too...

I'm afraid you may have to do your research and make it up. I'd be interested in reading what you settle on, though.
Actually, I think the mamba snake venom idea can be used for creating other natural poisons. Also, look at the Fugu mushroom poison listed in the main book - base version (Fugu-5) is 3D. Mamba snake venom is 5S calculated at 5, 10 and 20 minutes.

So you probably could make the damage up, and have it applied over time, like mamba, or just low TN and high damage, like Fugu. I guess it all depends on what type of effect you're going for.

Another good one is the Spider Beast Venom - 6M Stun, and don't mark the damage off on the monitor - every box instead becomes a +1 modifier to perception tests due to hallucinogenic properties. Wierd stuff like that.

What have other people come up with on their own?
The one that I'd use if I really wanted to kill someone and had the resources?

The venom from an Australian Western Taipan - it has the highest recorded venom toxicity of any snake in the world. Best thing is that you probably wouldn't even have to go out and catch one yourself - there are anti venom labs somewhere in NSW (I believe?)
QUOTE (DocMortand)
Also, look at the Fugu mushroom poison listed in the main book

Fugu is not a mushroom - it is a fish!
It is clearly a mushroom-fish, a close relative of the Atlantic Swordfish Mustardball.

Its a drink
Snake Venom
sorry wrong website.
I hear the Peruvian Boomslang is especially nasty.

*whines about no stats about wimpy poisons*

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