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Full Version: Investing in the 6th
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QUOTE (blakkie from "need help")
Now make sure Greed doesn't go to your heads and spend the money wisely and you'll be able to get through the ups and downs of slow money/high expense times. You can't expect a payday like that on a regular basis.

so i read this a second ago, and it's probably just the insane amount of sugar going through my body at the moment, but i was wondering "what if a player actually wanted to invest money", not as what they do, but one of those rainy day sorta things.

As i understand it, credsticks are less like a checking account, and more like, say a paypal account, where the money is always there and available, but it doesnt even make the (miniscual) interest that a present day checking account would.

My thoughts are, that assueming they do anything OTHER thank banking, (i.e anything with some sort of risk) I would just let the ups and the downs even out. I dont even think i'd let any sort of skill roll be allowed, like an investment knowledge or anything like that, markets would just be too volatile, this is Shadowrun, not Brokeragerun. but what if they did, just want to put it in a savings account? Obviously, they'd need a REAL sin (or an INSANELY high fake, i'm thinking atleast rating 10 for anything but the shadier banks, where your money may or may not be there the next day.

Anyone else have someone try this, or had to deal with it?

Shadowbrokers are a great contact to have. Depending on the size of the company you're running against, and the nature of the run, and if you can find out who you're running for, and the size of that company, then you could make quite a large amount of money in addition to what you get paid.

Just remember, the Shadowbrokers have to do alot more work than brokers who can provide records of who's giving them money, so their cut is correspondingly higher. I'd say on the order of 10% minimum.
Brokerage X. I think it's in.. uh... SOE? SOTA64?
Brokerage X

entry starts on pg.119 in Loose Alliances
Stockbrokers make the coolest runners. The chromed accountant should be evidence of that.
ok, for everyone citing Brokerage X...

Are you reccomending, that, even for investing that wouldnt produce a run, that i should make atleast a small segment for that character to get a brokerage X contact, assuming that they didnt start with that contact?
Borkerage X is easy to contact .Hell, in Loose Alliances, they even have a pop up add in the friggin book. Check under DIY crime.
SL James
QUOTE (PlatonicPimp)
Stockbrokers make the coolest runners. The chromed accountant should be evidence of that.

Chromed Accountant was an IRS company man.
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