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Okay, in Wordman's Shadowrun Equipment list, does anyone know what font he used for the text (and the title, if possible)? I'd like to modify it to include the new stuff (for my own personal use) and I can't because I don't have the fonts he used.

Anybody out there who can hook me up? I just need to know the names, but if you can provide the fonts, I'll love you. biggrin.gif I know I "shouldn't" be using this file according to FASA or whatnot, but it's got a good base and I just want to chop out the old books I don't have and replace with the books that aren't covered by this...and hey, if it's just a list of stuff from books I DO own, that's perfectly fine. nyahnyah.gif
Wordman has a whole section of his page devoted to Shadowrun fonts.

It hasn't been updated to deal with the look-and-feel of 3rd Edition books, but 3rd edition didn't change the main body font or the decker font.

BTW, the actual body font is obviously not "Shadowrun", but "Friz Quadrata."
Links on that page don't work for me, but I found the correct font at also has some other "Shadowrun" fonts, like "Decker"...but the "Shadowrun" font at that site doesn't come up with the proper font family name (it comes up with Francis, not Shadowrun) for Acrobat to recognize it.
Francis is an exceptionally similar font to Friz Quadrata; the average person will not be able to determine the difference between them. smile.gif
Which is good enough for me, considering it's 12-point type and it's only reference sheets for myself. nyahnyah.gif

Probably going to redo those sheets of Wordman's from scratch at some point...only for "personal use" of course...nudge nudge. nyahnyah.gif
Font Geeks never cease to amaze me. Everyone should have one, you haven't lived life until someone chews you out for useing comic sans in an innappropriate place.
That place would be "anywhere." wink.gif
Trust me I don't use it anywhere anymore out of fear of being attacked. I also personally like palitino but i am told that isn't such a good font either. What do I know im not font jockey.

The Ban Comic Sans website for those who want to see the horrors of comic sans.
Why does the thought of gang violence over fonts cause me to laugh so hard? Almost as humorous as finding two adjacent fields of cattle, gunning down half a dozen in each near the fence, scattering weapons about and tying gang color bandanas on the bodies. Expensive, but you could probably do it under a performance art grant wink.gif
Just noticed this thread. For the record, the equipment list (which somehow seems to enjoy a huge circulation, in spite of the fact I never posted it publicly) uses these fonts:

Main text: Shadowrun, a font I edited to look similar to Adobe's Fritz Quadrata. It has a number of extra characters hidden in it, inclyding the symbols for all of the planets, the signs of the zodiac and the four elements.

Titles: Treefrog. Not mine, but free, as far as I can tell.
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