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Full Version: North Atlanta are group Looking for Player
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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area. Seemed the most likely spot.

Anyway, title pretty much says it all. I have been playing SR since first edition. We have a group of Me, (GMing) and 2 players. We are currently trying out 4th ed, if it works we will go with it.

We are currently playing Thursday night from around 7:30 PM till 10. Have a nice gaming room. Beer is allowed, I doubt smoking is, however. I run a action-oriented game. There will be plenty of RP moments, but you better pack your ammo and have a back up character. We need 1-2 more players. The 1 GM and 2 runners we have now is just short of perfect.

If interested, you can PM me here or email me directly at

Crap! I just realized I have a typo in my thread title. That's always nice.
actually, the most likely area is HERE
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